(Good Rumbles)

Good rumbles should have

- no difficulty finding the summit
- no difficulty climbing the summit
- zones that work properly
- no chickens and/or sitters

What you say:

- Should be able to be downloaded! (Dan the Man)

- reasonably sized rumble platform (Demon_GZ)

- A rumble should *ALWAY'S* have a fixed backdrop... (BAD311)

- And some-what good ramps... Not to high nor to low... (BAD311)

- And most of all they should not be cloned Track's like HyperCube is alway's used for. (BAD311)

- A good rumble must have good space for play (jose_luis_81)

- A good rumble should not have places to get stuck, as u cannot call the heli (DMS_Fila)

- A good rumble does not need much space to run (SkyRyder)

- Make sure it looks good (MGE_Fox_Die)

- Must be big enough to fit at leat 8 people on it (MGE_Fox_Die).

- If you dont like it trash it (MGE_Fox_Die).

- Not so big (jer).