Making Bins
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BinEdit is a program that will help you create 3D models for use in MTM/2 (and even for the new game Fly!).  It was written by the legendary Oliver Pieper, who is not nearly as visible in the gaming scene as he once was.  BinEdit is by no means easy to talk about.  Explaining the various functions will accomplish very little.  In a recent chat, Miyh summed it up perfectly:  BinEdit is a wide open tool, kind of like: "here is how you use a hammer, you can build things with it."  So, build things we will.  My hope is that the process will reveal ideas that you can use for your own models.  If you do not already have BinEdit, please go here to download one of the "three" available versions.

How to use this site

Beginners - Familiarize yourself with the menu and buttons as well as the key concepts of the 3D environment.  Yes, pore over the geometry and math reviews.  Then do the hay pyramid exercise in the BinEdit readme.  Follow the text as it takes you from simple models to the more complex.  You will save yourself nothing by skipping parts.  You will find that there is enough here to guide you in your experiments.  This is not a bad thing since a big part of learning BinEdit involves trial and error.  And, if something doesn't work out, try try try again.  The program is not hard but it does take patience.

Intermediate - Review the various pages, remind yourself of the steps required to get your job done, stop in for quick references or answers, and, who knows, you might even pick up a few new bits of info too.

Pro - I like to think that the real pros are the ones who teach me.  However, look around and you never know what you might pick up.  Maybe just a different way of looking at things or an alternate technique.  Differences are good and often spur us on to more creativity.  Do you have any tips you'd like to share with the rest of the mtm community?  I'd be glad to fit them in here some place.  And, please, let me know if you see any mistakes.  And, double please, I wouldn't even mind hearing if you think anything is right.

Thank you.