Making An Arena Track
(Setting the barriers)

You will need to provide a barrier that prevents the trucks from leaving the arena.  There are two methods you may use to achieve this.

1.) Place ground boxes all around the outside of the arena area.  These should be flush with the ground and extend at least seventy feet into the air.  Don't worry; they will not be visible in the game.  Set the first one up, then use copy and paste until you've got the track area completely surrounded.  You will probably want to turn off the Show Backdrop option so that you can see what you are doing.

2.) Place unapplied object boxes around the outside of the arena area (the same kind of objects you place at the base of checkpoints).  This is much more tricky to get into place, but has the advantage of minimizing lag in the game.  For most accurate placement, I suggest using 576x2x2 for the arena2.bin.  Turning on the wire frame will help you set it exactly at the wall's edge.  Then, add the seventy feet or so once it's in place.  For example, 576x2x70.  You will need four objects - one for each wall.  And, again, you will probably want to turn off the Show Backdrop option so that you can see what you are doing.

You do not need to use both methods.

Note: occasionally mtm2 will toss your truck incredibly long distances when you collide with an object or another truck.  Just recently, I was knocked straight up into the air, through the roof of the stadium and I landed outside the arena area.  This was very bizarre to say the least.  Anyway, in an effort to prevent this, one is tempted to raise the barrier height to mega proportions.  However, I do not think this necessary.  This kind of behavior is rare in the game and shouldn't trick us into doing anything that will eat up system resources.  Should you find yourself on the outside of a track, just call for the helicopters.  They will place you nicely back on track where you can continue your race - though no doubt far from first place.

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