Making Tracks
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One of the most appealing things about Monster Truck Madness (1 & 2) is the opportunity to make custom tracks.  Currently there are thousands of tracks available for download.  And, the thing that makes MTM2 so much fun, what makes it so addictive, is that anybody, not just computer experts, can make a track.

Unfortunately, not all custom tracks are good tracks, and sometimes even the most experienced track makers encounter obstacles.  The Monster Truck Madness Guild (the Guild), therefore, has dedicated itself to providing the most comprehensive information and resource base for track making.  Toward this goal, we, at the Guild, aim to provide help and easy-to-follow information that anyone, novice or pro, can use.

The current MTMG section will cover track making for MTM2.  The Guild's program of choice is Traxx 1.4 which was created by the ever resourceful Guitar Bill , without whom we would be hard pressed to do any of this.  Traxx is an easy to learn and flexible program whose intuitive features have helped gain it a reputation as the favorite among track makers.  If you do not already have Traxx, please click here to download the full version (no registration required).

Note. Tracks created using Traxx will also work in 4x4 Evolution.

How to use this site

If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend that you use the original Traxx School before delving too deeply into things here. You may download TraxxSchool here (468k) for off-line viewing.

If you are an intermediate track maker, the Guild's pages should walk you through anything you might need to know.

If you are an experienced track maker, use this site as a quick reference, trouble shooting or spot-finding-guide for your track making needs.

And, of course, all pages were created in a systematic and methodical order, so anyone could probably read everything from start to finish like a book or manual ........ Well, it's an idea anyway.

Good luck.