Building Trucks

This is not exactly a "how to" section for building trucks. The trouble is that there is no correct or right way to make a truck. Also, with new utilities being written all the time, a set of instructions is outdated or obsolete within a few weeks after they are published on a web page. Instead, I, with the help of many great truck makers, have assembled a number of pages that talk about some of the different programs and some of the different aspects of creating trucks. The best thing you can do is learn how these things work and then use your own creativity and ingenuity to make the game do the things you want it to do.

Now, having said that, making trucks for mtm2 can seem like a large, confusing and complex job. It is not, but it seems that way. Some of the reasons for this are 1) there is no "one" program to do the job; you must use several smaller utilities, 2) most instructions you find on the net are very different from one another and talk about using different utilities, 3) some instructions are flat out wrong, and 4) using BinEdit to modify truck bin files seems impossibly hard to the beginner.

I cannot correct this situation, but I can set you on the road to good truck making. If you are a beginner, and I assume that you are if you're reading this, then the best thing you can do is start by repainting a stock truck using mdmre's instructions. You may find them here at his old, partially functioning web page, or you can download the instructions for off-line study by clicking here (327k).

You can get the utilities you'll need from the mtmg.

If you have problems, then come back and see if any of the instructions here can help straighten you out. Also, once you've been successful with a repaint, you can return here and learn about the new utilites that can help make your job easier. If you make it this far, you'll be ready to tackle the more advanced techniques of truck editing.

The Golden Rule: Always remember and never forget to use unique file names for all your mtm creations.

Eventually, I hope you take the opportunity to view all the truck help pages here at the mtmg. Alpine, Burn, Lord Cap, and Toxin have all done an excellent job offering tips and tricks that will make your work easier as well as to help you rise up to that next level of truck editing.

When you think you're ready for some heavy duty custom work or you want to try your hand at making a replica, head on over to Drive2Survive's site for a very detailed account of how he created his Devil's Dodge truck. It's worth the time; you won't be disappointed.