Circuits & Rallies
(Good Tracks)

Good tracks should have

- a clear driving line
- computer trucks that work
- helicopters that work
- textures aligned smoothly
- very few blind curves
- no truck or other high vertex props

What you say:

- I think a good track has a cool name (Adam56)

- None of the 'blind holes' that cause a truck to error out.  You know the type: where one grid point is significantly lower than the surrounding terrain, then the truck falls in and gets stuck.  You cant get traction to get out, etc...(Gnat)

- Custom Textures (KOM_RuDeE)

- Very good turn textures.  Not with corner parts not in the right spot. (BAD311)

- The Computer truck stay's on the course and do not get stuck. (BAD311)

- The water level should not be so high that when the truck drop's into a hole with water *THINKING IT'S SHALLOW* it turn's out to go right down to the floor. (BAD311)

- All the Checkpoint's should work right from 1-6 not 2-8. (BAD311)

- Track's should always be fun! (BAD311)

- With good scenery and fairly level land. (BAD311)

- A good track, I think should most importantly, Be Original! (Chris)

- A good track should have what looks like a good map when you hit TAB. (anon)

- Huge Jumps so your truck will FLY!! (MGAro_AttaCk)

- Humungous jumps and that the tracks work!! (MTM_M|<ɥBԥ)

- Creative use of ground boxes, like in ZS Rally. (ObeOne)

- Avoid having jumps or steep hills before turns. (ObeOne)

- Don't just click Upload. First, check to see if you should change the track type to Rally or Rumble. Don't make a circuit race too long! (Tarres)

- Start the track on groundboxes. Put water under them. That way, trucks that cause the Noah Phenomenon can be caught when the race starts instead of halfway through. (Tarres)

- Create a "cheat killer." Use models and groundboxes. If the Speed Trainer is used, trucks go too fast, land on the top level, and can't go on. If the Speed Trainer user tries to go slow to make it, he falls into the bottom level and can't go on. A non-cheating user goes into the middle level. He can continue. (Tarres)

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