Making An Arena Track
(Finishing up)

As far as the track is concerned, and arena is exactly the same as any other track.  Now that you have the arena bin in place, the textures laid in, and the altitudes and barriers set, your last job will be to add all the models and props you want to use, set the course and extended courses, and add the checkpoints.  If you are making a rumble, you will, of course, need to set the rumble zones.  That's it.  You've built yourself an arena style track.

Note: yes, the arena may still be set as a no collide object instead of as a backdrop.  But I can find no reason to justify setting up an arena this way.  The backdrop method is far better if for no other reason than it guarantees easy center placement of the arena area, whereas you need meticulous placement with the object method.  Yes, the object method served us well with earlier versions of Traxx, and, indeed, my own Frottage Pack used it.  But, the backdrop method is so much easier in comparison that the object method is no longer practical.

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