Making Tracks
(Please Take Note)

Please take note that :

1. The Monster Truck Madness Guild (MTMG) is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive information and resource base for all things about mtm2.  You are currently browsing the traxx section. You may also be interested in the track downloads, which can be found here

MTMG Track downloads

Be sure to look around for other things including truck making and other new mtm programs.

2.  Again, this part of the site is for track making.  If you are experiencing trouble running Monster Truck Madness (1 or 2), having trouble using podini (or other mounting program), have questions about the trial version of mtm, or are just trying to figure something out about the Monster Truck Madness program and its operation, please refer to the Help Page.   For all other things, please start your search at the Guild's Links Pages.

Thank you for your understanding.

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