Beyond BinEdit
(3D Programs)

trueSpace 1.0
By : Caligari Corporation More details
TrueSpace 1.0 allows you to model, render and animate 3D graphics under Windows 3.1 and Windows 9x. The fully functional, full featured, commercial version of trueSpace 1.0 is being distributed as FREEWARE from the website of PC Plus , a computer magazine based in the UK. This excellent 3D modeling program is very flexible and easy to use, an ideal tool for MTM model makers. Well worth the download! 

MilkShape 3D - beta
By : Mete Ciragan, chUmbaLum sOft More details
MilkShape 3D is an awesome, OpenGL based 3D editor, billing itself as "a lowcount polygon modeler and skeletal animator".  Every MTM model maker should have this editor! It is very easy to use and has many nice features. It is excellent for simple point and click creation of vertices and faces, making it easy to define shapes for importing into BINedit. Be sure to click on "more details" and download it today! 

Rhino 3D - beta
Rhino 3D homepage More details
Rhino3D is said to be one of the best 3D modeling tools yet developed and I must admit it is a very impressive piece of software. Fully functional, early beta versions are still available at some locations so grab yourself one before they're gone. 

Anim8or Homepage More details
Anim8or is an OpenGL based 3D modeling and character animation program. Designed with animators in mind it does not currently excell as a 3D modeler for use by MTM editors but it still has some interesting capabilities. Anim8or's freeware status and continuing development makes it worth keeping an eye on.

trueSpace 4.2
By : Caligari Corporation More details
Retail.  Many additional features over that of trueSpace 1.0, however the freeware version is arguably the better deal.

By : Newtek More details
Retail.  One of the best 3D programs on the market.  If you have the money, you won't be sorry.

3D Studio Max
By : Discreet More details
Retail.  This is the grand-daddy of them all, but be ready to fork over $1000+

By : zmodeler More details
A favorite among 4x4evo gamers

Other Shareware 3D Modelers and Renderers
By : Ultimate 3D Links More details
This is a link to a page with many many 3D programs listed.  If you can't find what you're looking for above, then give some of these a try.  This is an excellent 3D resource as well.