Basic BinEdit
(Keyboard and Hot Keys)

Keypad + - zoom 3d view in  (SHIFT to zoom faster)
Keypad - - zoom 3d view out (SHIFT to zoom faster)
Cursor Keys - rotate 3d view (SHIFT to rotate faster)

Tab / SHIFT Tab - cycle through vertices (forward/backward)

Space / SHIFT Space - cycle through faces (forward/backward)

X / SHIFT X - move selected vertex in positive/negative x direction
Y / SHIFT Y - move selected vertex in positive/negative y direction
Z / SHIFT Z - move selected vertex in positive/negative z direction

N - cycle through vertices of selected face
SHIFT N - select first vertex of selected face

F - Tag (mark) selected face
V - Tag current vertex. Some trasformations can be restricted to tagged vertices only, like the TRANSLATE command.

I - information on model/selected vertex/selected face

T - toggle display of current vertex' texture  (the colors are not correct)  The red outline shows which part of the texture is used for the face. Press N repeatedly to see which vertex corresponds to which point of the red shape.  Point and click with mouse to move current vertex to new texture coordinates, or use X/SHIFT X and Y/SHIFT Y. (BinEdit Readme file)

I have had no luck with this feature.

SHIFT - T - Select new texture for current face from the texture pool.

CTRL- V - Set vertex Coordinates
CTRL- A - Select all Faces
CTRL- X - Delete current face

CTRL- O - Open a saved model
CTRL- S - Save as a model
CTRL- P - Play - automatically rotate the model