Making Bins
(Take Note)

There is no Traxx School for BinEdit. However, BinEdit contains a readme file that is itself a tutorial of sorts.  Whether or not you have the time, whether or not you think brief tutorials are lame, start there!  Read the readme and do the hay pyramid exercise.  It is reprinted on the mtmg site for your convenience. Please click here to view the BinEdit readme file.

To date, the MTMG has been about Track Making. This binedit section will be geared toward making models for tracks. Yes, you will be able to use these pages to help you create trucks too, but that will not be the main focus at this time. The future may have other things in store.  In the meantime, there are a few sites that have truck making help. Please see those sites for additional truck making information.

High Speed Collision
(notes on adding parts to trucks, and more)

Toxin's Wasteland
(mdmre's file searcher)

_S_L_'s MTM 2 World

Vega's Place
(good good)

Phrozen's Scrapyard
(Cobra911's mapping help)

Cobra911's Place
(lots of good stuff)

Alpine's Place
(painting tips)

(illustrated haystack tutorial)

(repaint tutorial)

Look around, there are a lot of excellent sites that offer more tips, tricks and help.

P.S. Don't forget to check out Malibu350 & Son's
BinEdit revision for win2000.

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