Basic BinEdit

BinEdit does not give you a whole lot of choice when setting up or running the program.  But the options it does give, you had better set correctly or you will not be able to run the program.

Access the BinEdit preference box from the Files menu:

This will bring up the following box.

Now just click on the  button to the right of each option and browse to the appropriate file and folders.

Metalcr2.act is the default color palette for mtm1.  Binedit still uses this file.  If you do not already have it, you may download it here (1k).

NOTE : The history of Metalcr2.act : All textures in MTM1 shared the Metalcr2.act file.  With MTM2, textures brought their own .ACT files.  As long as one only works with true MTM2 models, BINedit doesn't really need to know where the METALCR2.ACT is.  However, as soon as BINedit cannot find the .ACT of a .RAW, it "falls back" to using METALCR2.ACT instead, assuming that you are working with textures from MTM1, which still work in MTM2.

The interesting thing about this: BINedit doesn't really care which .ACT it uses. It just asks for METALCR2, because that is the correct one for MTM1. You can select any other .ACT, and the worst thing that can happen are wrong colors of a BIN *in BINedit only*. (Oliver Pieper).

BIN Model Directory is where you have your models stored or where you plan to save your new creations.  It can be located anywhere on your hard drive.

RAW and ACT directory is where you have your art saved.  This, too, can be anywhere on the hard drive.

NOTE : even though the art and model/bin folders are flexible, you will want to keep in mind the programs you are using.  Tracked2 and mdmre's utilities like them to be in the mtm folder.  But, you might like to point them at your Traxx art and models folders for convenience.  Ultimately, the choice is yours.  Remember, you can switch them at any time.

Tip : If you often have to change the RAW/ACT directory & MODEL directory, because you keep textures/models in different folders, it might be worth the small extra effort to install a second copy of BINedit in a separate directory. It will use its own .CFG file and can thus be configured independently of the first. This, by the way, is the main reason why I use a .CFG file instead of taking the usual approach of storing everything in the Windows Registry.  (Oliver Pieper).

TRK directory is where you have your mtm/2 truck information files.  In most cases, it is easier to leave it in your mtm/2 folder.

IMPORTANT: you must set these preferences for BinEdit to work properly.

Please go here to learn more about setting up BinEdit.