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This is probably the best shareware deal you're likely to find in your life.  Let him know how much you appreciate the fne job he's done in creating BinEdit.  Is there an update in the future?  I don't know but you can be sure if OP does not see interest in the program then he is not likely to bother with it any more.



November '01
- New color scheme and zip up the help pages for off-line viewing.

August '01
- Malibu350 & Son update BinEdit to make it win2000 compatible.

February '01
- Oliver Pieper released the source code for BinEdit.

Apr 21, '99
- TaDa! With the completion of the "beyond binedit" section, I think it's safe to say that the BinEdit help section is done. Updates will be added, of course, and the site will be maintained as new information becomes available. I'd like to thank everyone who pitched in to make this last portion possible. Thanks Winterkill, Lord Cap, Vega, Toxin and JNJ. I hope I didn't leave anybody out - it's been a long haul. I'd also like to thank Angus, Bin-Masta, Guitar Bill and let's not forget Oliver Pieper too for all their help and input for the entire part of the site. Lastly, thanks to MIYH, Malibu350, Sir James, Psyco, and Marty 54 (and ObeOne too) for being the best support anybody could ask for. Unlike the Traxx section, this has truly been an MTM community project. I hope you find it helpful, and I look forward to seeing all those new and improved models.

Mar 23
- added another page to the tips section.  This one by yours truly. Look for stuff on creating transparent models.

Feb 28
- added another page to the tips section.  This one was provided by Bin-Masta who shares many of his bin making tricks and advice.

Feb 11
- added tips section with a nifty piece from Angus on short cuts using predefined shapes.  Check it out.

Jan 14
- revised the intro pages.
- yes, the contest is gone; I can return to BinEdit

Dec 16
- revised geometry review.
- added truck (first draft)

Dec 14
- huge instuction and improvement update including tips from the man himself.  Thank you Oliver Pieper for helping out. 
- Look for changes in Basic binedit (preferences, the menu, and info stats), Simple 2d & Easy 3d, and the FAQ page.
- added to the error page - Thanks for the help MIYH.
- revised backdrops (later that day).

Dec 3
- finished wrapping up
- updated the menu (big time)

Links that don't work yet
- anmated models
- wavefronts
- 3d programs
Dec 2
- added backdrops
- updated menu again

Dec 1
- added animated textures
- rearranged menu again

Nov 24
- added easy 3d
- reworked the menu again
- tweaked some html
- the structure is coming together (the end is in sight)

Nov 17
- added complex 2d

Nov 15
- added simple 2d 

Nov 14
- added setup page
- rearranged menu
- touched up page one

Nov 12
- made corrections to all basics pages
- added the working area

Nov 8
- began section

This is the beginning of what ideally will become a binedit instruction section.  The basics should be in place.  I plan to work at a part time rate, so progress should come at a casual pace. 

- November 8, '99