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(3D Conversion Utilities)
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3D Exploration - a truly awesome 3D file browser, viewer and converter by X Dimension Software.

This is a very cool, fully functional shareware utility that keeps getting better with every update. This program has to be the best freely available 3D file conversion utility around. Get it, and support the author if you are able. Visit the 3D Exploration homepage for complete information and downloads.

Version 1.2

  • 3D Import: 3ds, prj, asc, cob, scn, lwo, lw, obj, objf, off, geo, raw, rax, x , wrl, c4d, 3dm, 3dmf, iob, dxf, dxb, stl, 3dm, pro, mts, flt, ase, dwg, ndo, xsi, mdl, md2, md3, mdl
  • 3D Export: asc, cob, obj, off, raw, dxf, stl, x
  • 2D Import: bmp, gif, jpg, png, tiff, tga, pcx, ppm, cel, iff, rgb, fli, flc,
  • 2D Export: bmp, jpg, ppm

    Crossroads 3D - the famous freeware file conversion utility by Keith Rule.

    Supports many 3D formats, including the TrueSpace .COB and the Wavefront .OBJ formats. Visit the Crossroads 3D homepage for information and downloads.

    WCVT2POV - the precursor to Crossroads 3D.

    Supports .obj, .nff, .raw, .tpo, .dxf, .geo, .3ds, .asc, .psb, .pov, .inc, .ttf and .wrl, some of which are not supported by Crossroads 3D. Visit the WCVT2POV homepage for information and downloads.

    ProgMesh - a 3D polygon mesh simplification program which enables you to reduce the number of polygons in your objects without a visible loss of quality.

    It looks promising, read all about it at Softseek or head to ProgMesh homepage.

    Do not overlook the fact that TrueSpace and
    Rhino 3D are full featured model converters.

    Some general notes on converting models for use
    by BINedit and Monster Truck Madness:

    Sometimes when an .OBJ is imported into BINedit it will not import correctly, the faces may have collapsed or become scrambled and there may be many extra vertices. If you have trouble successfully converting various model formats to .OBJ for the purpose of importing into BINedit then consider the following:

    If one converter does not do the job correctly then try another, results can vary from one format to the next and from one converter to the next.

    When working on new models try saving them as different formats and then converting them to .OBJ using one or more conversion utilities.

    Sometimes an .OBJ exported by certain modeling programs will not successfuly import into BINedit, try saving as a different format and then converting it.

    If your model fails to convert then just keep trying different combinations of formats and converters until you find a successful combination.

    Addendum. Accutrans (if you can find it) and Zmodeler are popular choices for conversion utilities.