Beyond BinEdit
(Date Changing Utilities)
for temporarily changing your system date.

Beyondo -- a freeware program by BlueFive Software

Beyondo allows you to quickly and easily alter your system date for a period of time. This is useful for starting beta and shareware versions of software that have been designed to stop working after a certain date or time period. Use Beyondo by specifying a date or by using the quickdate option. Beyondo will always restore the original system date when you quit the program.

Visit the the Beyondo homepage for more information and download links for the latest version as well as for the required vbrun6 support files. Be sure to browse BlueFive Software's website for more great freeware and links to other freeware sites!

Click here for a direct download of the 25kb Beyondo zip file.

Quick Dater - a freeware program by SFapps

Quick Dater is another handy date changer for Windows 9x, useful for setting the time for and then starting specific programs. It works by creating a clickable link that will change the system time, start the program, and then restore the original time.

Click here for a direct download of the 47kb Quick Dater zip file.