Tracked2 Truck Editor
(Selecting Tires)

Changing truck tires is probably the most common thing done in making new trucks for mtm2. And why not? Different rims, sidewalls and treads greatly effect the way a truck looks.

When you want to select different tires for your truck, press the number "5" on the keyboard. You will be prompted to "Enter truck tire model (or basename) :"

So what's a base name?

All trucks in mtm2 use six models for the tires. A low, medium and high detail model for the left side, and a low, medium and high detail model for the right side. The first part of the name is always the same, and the rest of the name is numbered 08, 10, or 16 depending on the amount of detail and labelled L or R depending on which side of the truck it's supposed to be on. So, for example, a set of tires would be made up of bins named like this:

TIRE08L.BIN (low detail)
TIRE10L.BIN (medium detail)
TIRE16L.BIN (high detail)

The base is the first part of the name. In this case, the letters "TIRE" are the base name. Base names can have one to five letters. For a list of stock tire names and what they look like, click the button below.

But there has also been many many custom tires made for trucks as well. Find the ones you want to use and copy the files to the art and models folders.

Now, when you are prompted in Tracked2 for a new tire base name, type the one you want to use. You do not have to type the full name of all the tires; just the first part of only one. Press enter and your truck will have it's new rubber. For example, like this:

Old tiresNew tires
Click for enlargementClick for enlargement

Of course, the information in the bottom left corner of the screen will be updated to show your new tires.

Now you can continue to make additional changes to your truck.