Tracked2 Truck Editor

Tracked2 was made by Terminal Reality so that we can create our own tracks and trucks for Monster Truck Madness 2. It is the original editor. Although almost nobody uses it anymore for tracks, using Tracked2 for your truck making is easy, and has many benefits - once you know how to use it. This section will teach you how to use Tracked2's Truck Editor to create your truck and write the POD file problem free.

Download Tracked2 (888k)

Please note that Tracked2 will not create new textures (you must do that in a paint program) and it will not create new bin models or map textures to them (you must do that in binedit and/or with a texture replacer). It will, however, make assembling your truck a breeze and you won't have to frustrate yourself with *.lst files.

Tracked2 Wills and Won'ts
FunctionsYesView onlyNo
Load / Save trk files*    
List truck info   *  
Change truck name*    
Select body model*    
Select tires*    
Select axles*    
Select shocks*    
Select axle bars*    
Lights   *  
Scrape Points**  
Create a POD*    
Create LST file     *
Paint a truck     *
Edit truck body/parts     *

Another thing you need to know about Tracked2 is that it is a DOS based program. That means you cannot run it in a window. This is not as scary as it sounds. All it means is that you will have to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, and all the menu options use text instead of clicking. Of course, this means that you cannot browse to your models and art. You must copy them into the mtm2 art and models folders before you begin, and you'll need to remember their names (tip: write down the model and texture information before you open Tracked2).

Tracked2 is a sensitive program. It will not run on all computer systems.


Thanks go to LynX for getting me started on this (he even wrote this page), and thanks to Drive2Survive for doing the pics for us (the only guy in town who could take the screen shots).