Tracked2 Truck Editor
(Selecting Shock Texture)

Shock textures are not often changed on trucks. However, matching shock textures to a paint scheme can really enhance the appearance of your truck.

The shocks are the part of the truck that extend between the axle and the body of the truck. See the pictures below. In the "old" picture on the left, the shocks are the standard grey color that you see on all trucks that come with the mtm2 game. In the "new" picture on the right, you see Drive2Survive's Devil's Dodge shock textures (with red coils around them).

Old shocksNew shocks
Click for enlargementClick for enlargement

The shock texture is a 64x64 raw (and act) file. When you're ready, press "7" on the keyboard. You will be prompted for the texture name. Type it and press enter. If the raw and act file is in the art folder, the new shocks will appear on your truck.

Of course, the information in the bottom left corner of the screen will be updated to show your new shocks.

Now you can continue to work on your truck.