Building Trucks
(Bin Texture Replacer and Hex Editing)
~ by ROX Burn ~

Have you ever gone online and saw this sweet truck and decided that you wanted to repaint it? I have, then you download the truck and right away start repainting it. You spend hours repainting the textures, and then when you are done, you save the textures, and rename them so that they are unique and don't interfere with any other trucks. Next you fire up "Bin Texture Replacer," and to your dismay it says that it cannot work with the file because it is over 64 kg, argh! That has happened to me numerous times and it drives me nuts!

The solution to the above problem is to fire up your hex-editor. (You have a hex-editor, right? lol).  I use UltraEdit-32, it is a very good editor and you can download it from  Another good one is The Hex Workshop Hex Editor.

Once you have your hex-editor up and running, open the truck .bin file that is causing you so much grief. Then, if you are using UltraEdit-32, click on "Search" and then "Find". In the find dialog box make sure that "Find ASCII" is selected. Then enter the name of the .raw file you want to change, and click find next. It should find the name of the file you want to replace. If the file you searched for was named, say; BIGSIDE1.RAW, for example, and you wanted to change it to MYSIDE.RAW, you would click on the "B" in the right hand column of UltraEdit-32. Then change the "B" to a "M" and so on... Now when you change the "A" of the old texture name to the "W" of your custom texture name, you will notice that there is one character left, a "W". Do not be tempted to change it to a "." (a period).  Although that may look correct and proper in the right hand column of UltraEdit-32, it is totally wrong in the left column. In order to change the "W" to nothing (a blank space), highlight it and then switch over to the left column. In the left hand column the number "57 " should be highlighted. Select the "5" and change it to a "0" (zero), now select the "7" and change it to a "0" (zero). The "W" in the right hand column should now be a "." (a period) but this time it is done correctly.

If your custom texture name was even shorter then "MYSIDE.RAW" you would just follow the same instructions as above but you would change all the extra characters to a "0" (zero) in the left hand column.

These ".bin Texture Replacing" instructions can also be used if mdmre's "Bin Texture Replacer" messes up on a .bin file and changes a texture name in the .bin to something like "YOURSIDE.RAWW". You know if the "Bin Texture Replacer" has done that if you go to try your truck and it is just a black screen in the truck selection screen, and when you try your luck and press go, MTM2 gives you an error, which in the extra details box says bad texture YOURSIDE.RAWW.

I hope that these instructions help someone out.  They sure helped me.

This page prepared by ROX_Burn.
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