Tracked2 Truck Editor
(Viewing Lights)

You cannot edit or change lights using Tracked2. To do any work with lights at all, you must edit the TRK file manually.

But, you can view the light type and position. For example, front head lights and kc lights.

Front lights offFront lights on
Click for enlargementClick for enlargement

...and rear tail lights.

Rear lights offRear lights on
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You will also be able to see spinning lights (eg. Monster Patrol) but you will not be able to see back up lights.

Press "L" on the keyboard to toggle the lights on and off.

Warning. Do not press Ctrl+L. This will reset the light positions to the factory defaults. If you accidentally press Ctrl+L, exit everything without saving. Then begin a new Tracked2 session.

A word of hope. TikiMaster is working on a program that promises to do a better job on lights.

Tip. Play MTM2 and set your weather to night or some other weather when the lights come on. Now, leave it that way, exit MTM2, and start up Tracked2. When you press "L" to put the lights on, the cone will appear too (even if the beam is set to spin). This is handy if you're modifing the length and radius of the beam since you can actually see the cone. (Hacman)