Tracked2 Truck Editor
(Selecting the Body Model)

This step assumes you have already prepared a truck bin for your new truck. This could be a repaint of an existing truck or a completely custom model.

Editing the TRK file in notepad can be an intimidating prospect, especially to a beginner. Fortunately, Tracked2 offers you a way to assemble your truck without the need to edit the TRK file at all.

Note: Selecting the body model, as well as changing the other parts of the truck that tracked2 allows, works best if you are repainting a truck or are having trouble using File Searcher and Winpod. If you are creating a completely custom truck, then manual editing of the TRK file is unavoidable.

First load the TRK file you want to use as the starting point for your truck. This can be any stock truck or a TRK file that you have already edited.

Tip: You should use a TRK file that has the same number of lights as the body you want to use. That is, if your truck has kc lights above the cab, then you should begin with a TRK file that includes kc lights. If there are no kc lights, then use a TRK file that uses no kc lights. If the number of lights in the TRK file do not match your model, then you will have to edit the TRK file.

Now that the TRK you want is loaded into Tracked2, press number "4" on the keyboard. You will be prompted for the body model name. Type it and press enter. If the model is in the model folder and its raw and act files are in the art folder, then the new truck will appear in the mtm2 garage and the information at the bottom left corner will be updated to reflect this change.

Note: no pictures were included on this page since changing the body looks very similar to loading an entire truck.

Now you can continue to make additional changes.