Tracked2 Truck Editor
(Changing the truck name)

If you use a stock truck as the basis for your new truck, or if you just want to make a change after you load your own TRK file, you can name and re-name your truck right in the Tracked2 editor.

Press "3" on the keyboard. You will be prompted to enter the new truck name. Type in the name and press enter. You may use as many characters in the truck name as you choose, and spaces are definitely allowed here.

Important: be original when naming a new truck to avoid conflicts with other trucks that have already been made. To understand why this is important, please see the mtmg notes on the podini file to learn how the game reads and uses pod files.

You will see the name change in the "info" part of the screen in the lower left corner.

This is what the truck will be called in the game.