Building Trucks
(BinNamer 1.0 by Frank Racis)

An easy to use BIN texture replacer (it replaces textures in BINs without the need to re-map them in BINedit). Available at Frank's utilities page: HERE

It's easier to use than MDMRE's BIN texture replacer and there's no BIN filesize limit - therefore no more hex editing required for BINs that MDMRE's utility can't handle (I assume). ;-)

It's a 32-bit Windows program BUT it's interface is command line only, meaning you must use it from the "DOS prompt". To bring up the DOS prompt click the MS-DOS Prompt link in your start menu or type "command" in the Run box in your start menu. To switch the DOS 'box' between window mode and full screen use the key combo Alt-Enter.

Put BinNamer.exe in your 'path' so you can access it from anywhere, I recommend putting it in the "C:\Windows\Command" folder.

Here is an example of the program in action, depicting six uses of the command line:

The first is the program run without any command line 'arguments', which results in a lesson in proper usage.

The second is run with the BIN name, and shows what texture names reside in the BIN.

The third depicts a failed attempt to change a texture name listed in the BIN. Why the failure? It seems the program requires "case sensitive" usage, meaning there is a difference between capitalized and non-capialized letters.

The fourth and fifth depict a proper change of both texture names, using proper capitalization.

The sixth depicts a listing of the changed BIN. Pretty slick utility Frank! Thanks.