Tracked2 Truck Editor
(Selecting the Axle Model)

Often, you will be able to leave this alone, but from time to time you may find it necessary to change the truck's axles. That is the part that fits between the wheels from left to right (if that wasn't obvious already). You might want to do this if your truck is very wide or very narrow and the stock axle doesn't fit very well.

To change the axles, press "6" on the keyboard and type the name when you're prompted. If the models and art are in the right places, they will appear on your truck. That's all there is to it. The information in the bottom left will automatically be updated.

Note: if you make new axles be sure to use an extremely unique name for the new model. Names like axle6.bin or axle7.bin will almost certainly conflict with other trucks. Remember, this is not like tires that use base names. You can use any model name you like. For example, pgaxle.bin or axlexyz.bin will work just fine. For more information on how the game uses pod and bin files, please see the mtmg notes on the podini file.