Monster Truck Madness 2
(Gold Mode)

(type these code words during gameplay)
FRAME Shows the current framerate, in Frames Per Second (FPS).
DEMO Enables/disables autopilot, allowing your truck to drive by itself.
GOLD Enters GOLD mode, enabling the range of features listed below.

G O L D     M O D E
Active Keys Action
CTRL-Y Enables SLEW (turn, slide, pivot) mode, pauses the action and allows you to freely move and rotate your truck.
CTRL-W Cycles through the weather/daylight masks, the sky texture remains unchanged.
CTRL-T Toggles through auto throttle and auto pilot modes.
CTRL-B Displays "bounding boxes" around all objects, indicating collision boundaries. Toggles through solid, wireframe and off.
0  (zero) (top of keyboard)  Writes consecutive screenshots to disk. PCX in software mode and RAW in hardware mode.

Note: the active keys in each sub-mode
are available only in that mode.

S L E W     M O D E
(a sub-mode of GOLD, accessed via "CTRL-Y')
Active Keys Action
ARROW KEYS Moves truck forward, back, left and right across terrain.
Q and A Moves truck up and down.
SHIFT Speeds movement with Q, A and Arrow keys.
END and PAGE DOWN Steers or points truck (vertical or Y-axis rotation).
HOME and PAGE UP Rolls truck (barrel roll).
F5 and F8 Rotates truck end over end.
INS and DEL Rotates camera horizontally (in chase views).
+ and -
Rotates camera vertically (in chase views).
4 (top of keyboard) Writes consecutive screenshots to disk. PCX in software mode and RAW in hardware mode.
Z Enables 'Z' mode (the functions of which are listed below) and displays technical information such as the framerate and the number of visible polygons.

Z   M O D E
(a sub-mode of SLEW, accessed via 'Z')
Active Keys Action
- and + (top of keyboard)  Zooms camera in and out. Magnification range is from .5 through 16 to 1 and works in all camera views.
The blimp cam and race cam views in 'Z' mode are very different from the standard ones, the cameras are much farther away from the trucks and provide a very unique and distant perspective.
CTRL-L Load a .SIT file (another track). After pressing Ctrl-L type the full name of the .SIT file you wish to load then press Enter to continue or ESC to cancel. (more info)
Note: although SLEW mode is required to first access Z mode, once Z mode is active you can back out of SLEW mode and continue to access Z mode features until the game is closed.

Some final thoughts:

The most useful feature of slew mode is surely the ability to reposition your truck during a test drive. Did you fall off a cliff and can't climb back up? Want to try that jump again? No problem! By making careful use of "slew mode" it is also possible to get screenshots of tracks and trucks from almost any conceivable perspective, you can even move the computer trucks around. You can move the truck and camera to achieve any angle or lighting condition you could possibly want, which is a great tool for track and truck makers. In cockpit mode your truck is just like a camera, and coupled with the zoom function it's very effective. An interesting effect in gold mode is to mix and match daylight and weather conditions, start a track in rain mode then use ctrl-w to remove the rain, or start in night mode and switch to daylight lighting for a surreal effect.

Slew mode screenshots: After Ctrl-Y is pressed you can position your truck anywhere you wish and then press the number "4" at the top of the keyboard to write screenshots to disk. The screenshots will be consecutively named and in the RAW image format (hardware rendering). Please note that shots taken during each session will overwrite ones taken previously, so be sure to gather the ones you want to keep and move them elsewhere before going back in for more. Please see the information posted here and here for easy viewing of these RAW screenshots.

Although the slew mode keys may seem awkward at first they are easy to adjust to if you have the usual number of hands and fingers. Slew mode makes it possible to literally "fly" a truck around a track in a very fluid manner, providing some interesting and entertaining track exploration. Here's a good technique for flying a truck around like an attack helicopter: place the index finger of your right hand on the UP ARROW for forward momentum while at the same time using your next two fingers on END and PAGE DOWN for 'steering', use your left hand to press Q and A for up and down movement and SHIFT for hyper-speed.

Researched and compiled by: Wint
Original source for codes: Q185471