Traxx allows you to create your own Tracks for Monster Truck Madness, versions 1 and 2.
Traxx runs under Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, and provides a simple mouse-driven interface to track editing functions in the environment of a fully-rendered 3D world view.


Yes, its official, Traxx version 1.4 can be downloaded and used free of charge from now on.

Many sincere thanks to all those who registered Traxx over the years  you all helped to make Traxx what it is.


With Traxx, making tracks for MTM (1 and 2) is fun and easy!

All you need is Traxx, Windows and a little imagination - the simple and intuitive 3D editing environment allows you to lay roads, buildings, checkpoints, trees etc in a world of your making!

Traxx is quick and easy to learn - just run through TraxxSchool (link above) and you're up and running in no time!

For a screenshot, more detailed description and system requirements click here!

Got a problem, comment or question?

Have a look at the Traxx FAQ page.

Get started with Traxx School. Easy lessons to get you up and running with Traxx.

Take a look at the MTMGuild which has an excellent Traxx section. (Note: this site is not maintained by me, but is highly recommended).

Download Traxx Full Version

Try Traxx 1.5 Beta (Feb 17, '05)
This version contains many fixes and improvements. It does not need a name or key.

Download 246 Kb
This version is fully-functional. It is the same as the one registered users already have, so there s no need to download again.

You will need to enter the following codes: Name = TRAXX, Key = ATOVBOGR

Installation Instructions Sorry, there's no setup program yet, but its easy enough....

Download the zip file (above).

Create a new folder (eg C:\Program Files\Traxx). If you are upgrading, just use the existing folder.

Unzip the files into that new folder.

Create a shortcut to Traxx.exe in your start menu or desktop.

Read the ReadMe file, because you need to setup ART/MODELS folders before you can begin.

Other Useful Downloads

New! MTM Screensaver 2.1 62 Kb
Now supports 3D accelerator hardware! Runs MTM2 and MTM1 tracks. New features: Birds-eye view option; Play music (custom WAV only); Shows backdrop, water; Transparent models; more...!
FREEWARE. Unzip the SCR file into C:\Windows, then select and configure in Display Properties. Default track is "Voodoo" (if MTM2 installed), or "Highlands" (MTM1).

Free utility for creating flat MTM2 models 7 Kb
Creates only flat, rectangular BIN models, like the MTM2 trees, flames in Dragon.pod etc.
Supports animated and transparent textures! Very easy to use - just enter the texture name(s) and click "Save"!

Pre-loaded textures/corners 21 Kb
These template Traxx files have pre-built corners and other texture composites from the standard tracks,
so you dont need to mess around building corners etc anymore - just copy and paste! Models are also pre-loaded.
Version 2 contains C98 and Farm Road.

Many thanks to Oliver Peiper for his Fixed Backdrops 11 Kb
These are replicas of the backdrops from the stock MTM2 tracks, but corrected to eliminate the "hall-of-mirrors" effect.
Instructions in the zip.

Free utility for viewing ***.raw files, TXRAW 1.11 9 Kb

Allows you to view ***.raw files in windows explorer and copy them to the clipboard for pasting into your paint program. Eliminates the need for palette conversions. Supports image size range from 16x16 up to 512x512 8 bit color, and 1024x1024 8 bit and 256x256 16 bit grayscale.

Some tracks made with Traxx (also posted at other track download sites)

Hot off the presses, brand spanking new MTM2 Track Cumbria 2.4 Mb
This contains 5 - yes, five - tracks in one POD. All are based in the same "world" - one (Rally+) covers almost all the terrain (10 min lap if you're good) and three others run on shorter segments of the main track.
The fifth is a CNR version - theres lots of intersecting roadways and such, so it should be fun!

Even yet more new MTM2 Track Vulture Peak 1.3 Mb
Fast racing lines can be found around this scenic road. Plenty of places to pass, with some alternate routes on dirt track.
Includes some cool circling vultures, and theres also a secret area where an uncomfortable Dr. Scrote is hiding out... :)

Yet newer still MTM2 Track Valley Of The Kings 2.3 Mb
Theres quite a few textures in this one (hence the large file size). This is an Egyptian theme track, with tombs and pyramids etc.
Great for racing as well as nice to look at, there are some tricky adverse cambers and jumps. Hidden secret tomb!

Even newer MTM2 Track Dr. Scrote's Volcano 1.0 Mb
Made entirely using Traxx 1.2 plus a bunch of TXBIN models. This is quite a long track (Rally race) and requires
a wide variety of skills... :)

New MTM2 Track Chase The Dragon 914 Kb
Made entirely using Traxx 1.2 (beta), from scratch. This is a great track for serious racers -
as well as containing some cool new sounds and animated graphics!

MTM2 Track The Lake 1.2 Mb
Made entirely using Traxx 1.1, from scratch. This track took 2-3 days to make, and is actually a pretty cool track - not just a "demo" for Traxx!

Misc. Downloads

These are the MFC DLL's. May be needed if you get "required DLL not found" or a program crash (indicating MFC42.DLL error).
Unzip these files into your Traxx folder.


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SoftParts accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury incurred as a result of the use of this software (not that thats going to happen, mind you....)






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