Traxx FAQ.

Is Traxx really free now?

Yes, it really is!


Do I have to have tracked(2) to run Traxx?
NO! Traxx is completely independent of tracked(2).


I get an error saying "Too many sims" when I make the POD and run it in MTM2 - what's up with that?
Theres a limit of 541 objects (look in View/Statistics to see how many you have - Traxx 1.2/1.3 allows 600, which is too many - sorry).


The computer trucks wont follow the course - they get part way then go round in circles!
You need to adjust the course segments. The trucks will shoot off the end of a segment, and then try to merge gradually with the next - if its positioned badly, they may overshoot and have to circle back to get a "lock". Try relocating the start of the next segment, and/or set the speed limit for the previous segment.


When I run my track in MTM1, it gives some message about SKY.ACT or something and won't run :(
You have made an MTM2 track (which don't work in MTM1). You have to start using File/New(MTM1) to make tracks for MTM1.


Traxx crashes when I hold the mouse over some buttons for a few seconds, dammit!
Calm down! All you need to do is get the MFC DLL's (at the Traxx home page) and install them into your Traxx folder (eg C:\ProgramFiles\Traxx).


I can't drive through the start/finish banner and checkpoints!
In MTM2, structures that span across the track have to be set to "no-collide". You then need to put some non-model objects (purple boxes) at the bases of the banner posts to provide collide behavior there. (see "Object Editing" and Object Properties" in the Help)


I've got objects marked as checkpoints, but they dont work!
They might be oriented incorrectly - checkpoints are directional! Best thing is to use CKBOXN.BIN (or CKBOX.BIN) which have big arrows so you know its facing the right way. Also they may be in the wrong order - the first check should be set to seq. #0 in Object Properties, and the start-finish line should be the HIGHEST (last) seq. number!


My checkpoints don't register when I slip through close to the banner posts :(
Put your CKBOXN.BIN checkpoint objects slightly back from centered on the banner. Its the front-face of the the object thats "active" - move the box back so about 30% of it is infront of the banner and 70% of it is behind.


How do I set the backdrop?
Click the button in the "Track Components" box (bolt button on toolbar)


How do I change the icon and browse bitmap?
Again, in the "Track Components" box, right-click the image(s) and a menu pops up!


Hmmmm.... but the Load and Paste options are greyed, dammit!!!
You need to download version 1.4  these features were disabled in the version 1.2 demo.


How can I use the nice metallic button icon?
Right-click it and select Copy, then paste into PSP (or any graphics program). Then you can modify it and paste back in to Traxx!


Does Traxx do trucks?


Can I make rumbles?
Yes - Traxx makes Circuits, Rumbles and Rallies (see Track Components).


Checkpoints don't work in MTM2, dammit!
Yes they do.


No, really, they're invisible. And I don't like your attitude.
Just Kidding :) Yes, ALL checkpoints are invisible in MTM2 - even if you assign a BIN model. You need to add a no-collide model for the appearance of the checkpoint banner and also some boxes to prevent driving through the posts - there's more info in the Help.


Why does it say "Error loading textures" or "Error loading models" when I load up a track?
Most likely there are some missing textures for BIN models or for some reason a texture art file no longer exists. Could be the backdrop model!


I get an error saying "Bad texture size" when I make the POD and run it in MTM2 - what's up with that?
Could be there are missing textures for some of your BINs.


Sometimes all my ground-boxes don't appear when I reload a track!
Don't worry - the ground boxes ARE still there. There is a bug which means some ground- boxes are not displayed when you first load the track, sometimes. The workaround is to jump to a corner (double-click the map) then jump back the same way and your boxes will be shown.

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