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MTM1 & 2 Editing Tools Built by the MTM community

binedit logo BinEdit version 2.2.8 (2/18/05)
Download BinEdit
What's new in version 2.2?
BinEdit is a Model/Truck editor/builder for Monster Truck Madness' 1 and 2

BinEdit Support Files

(If Binedit does not start it will ask for one or more of the dll files to the right. Download the appropriate dll file(s) and place it in the same folder as BinEdit or place it in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and you'll be good to go).

Getting Started...
Truck Editing with BinEdit 2.2
Simple Pod Extraction & Model Assembly with BinEdit v2.2
How To Build A Simple Model From The Ground Up



traxx logo Traxx version 1.5.12 (2/17/05)
Download Traxx
What's new in version 1.5?


Traxx is a easy to use track builder/editor for Monster Truck Madness' 1 and 2.
NOTE: If you have a track already in progress that was created with Traxx 1.4 and then upgrade to version 1.5 or later your object boxes will be slightly repositioned. This is NOT a bug, rather it is a fix over earlier versions where Traxx incorrectly centered object boxes Y coordinates.

Traxx Support Files ("if needed", download and place the dll's in your Traxx folder or in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and you'll be good to go).


Traxx and BinEdit Help Central ->

BinEdit Built MTM2 Trucks

Battleship Game... (some javascript fun)

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