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MTMG is back!

Tue July 21 18:10:00 2014

MTMG, BinEdit and Traxx are... back!!!

Phineus' flash drive has landed and I've been rummaging through the back-ups he had from 2010. With his help and with the help of the internet wayback machine (hey, it actually helped here and there) the MTMG, BinEdit and Traxx pages have been brought back in the amount of 98%. If you find any non-obvious dead links (obvious dead links are those that point away from a related website) please let me know in the forum.

The restoration work is far from done as there is plenty to go on the flash drive (truck-o-rama, cale's site, kmaster, rep fan and the pictures from all the tracks and trucks up until 2010). The biggest missing one is malibu350's site :(

- SLO_Fila

Behind the scenes!

Tue July 15 2:30:00 2014

There's been quite alot of work going on behind the scenes in the track and truck pages. With Phineus' help I can finally announce that the interactive sorting menu is working for both tracks and trucks. It took me a long time to figure it out but with the invaluable help I received I managed to pull through. It's not 100% yet (the static links at the top and bottom of the page are not fully working yet) but it's getting there.

Also I like to take this moment and announce two new utilities have been put up aimed at helping modern machines run MTM2 more efficiently. They can be found to your right under the Utilities section, namely nGlide and Dxtory.The MTMG menu, once the website is up and running, will be updated to reflect the new utilities.

Have also decided to add Video Replays of exciting races. For those that just want to watch a video on youtube and remember the good ol' days, now you can.

- SLO_Fila

Downloads have been restored!!!

Sue July 08 2:30:00 2014

I'm happy to report the downloads have all been restored. The track downloads have been restored 100% while the truck downloads are at 99%. Sadly I have not backed-up tracks past February 25th. If you have uploaded a truck after that date (by my calculation we are missing about 18 trucks) please re-upload your work. The uploads work for both tracks and trucks. Pictures will not be activated yet until I receive the flash drive from Phineus. Enabling pictures now will mess up the database. However, it is strongly recommended for you to upload pictures with your trucks as the moment the switched is turned on your truck will be ready to go with a display alongside.

Now I'm gonna take a break and figure out what's the next step of the restoration process. There's more work to be done with the database (ie. activating the search engine) but my priority is for all the resources to first be available before I venture into enabling the "luxurious" features.

- SLO_Fila

Automatic Track Uploads now working again!

Sun July 06 2:27:00 2014

I'm happy to report that after two days of continuos struggle (still a noob at this), I've managed to succesfully re-create the automatic uploading process. So far you can only upload tracks. The truck uploading will be turned on once I've gotten the 2011-2014 database up to date (it will be done next week).

The patch is also available for download once more.

- SLO_Fila

Track downloads up to date, Trucks are Work In Progress

Fri July 04 16:08:00 2014

The track database has been restored. All the downloads are now active. Of course, there are no images and search does not work yet but each page is accessible individually. The truck database is available for download up until 2010 (including).

In the meantime Phineus will send me everything he has regarding the website (up until 2010), like pictures etc. It's coming in the form of a flash drive through regular mail but I can't wait to go through all the files and see what can be restored.

In the meantime, if you want to upload a track or truck remember to email it to me at: slo_fila at

- SLO_Fila

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