Lesson G - Ground-boxes.

These are solid block objects which are used for bridges and tunnels etc. We will build a wall.

38 Add a groundbox. Select "Edit Ground boxes" from the toolbar.

As you move the cursor over the terrain you now see a red outline. Ground-boxes are in fixed locations, aligned to the terrain grid squares. Right-click a square on a flat portion or terrain alongside part of the track and select "Insert" from the popup menu.
A cuboid will appear, altoyugh it may be difficult to see depending on which texture you had selected. To make it easier to see, click the "Wireframe" button on the right until you see the black background with red grid.
Click on any side of the new ground-box and it should outline in purple. In the side-panel, you will see numbers for "Bottom" and "Top" - spin the "Bottom" value up to 100 (so that it lines-up with the terrain which should also stillbe at 100).
You can also use the S/X keys to raise and lower ground-boxes, just like in terrain editing.

39 Paint the groundbox. Textures can be applied to ground-boxes just as they can be applied to the terrain. In the TexturesBox, click the [Load >>] button and enter "C8BR" in the filter box. After you click "Refresh" you should see 4 textures listed - just double-click on the first one (C8BR100) to load it. Now set the filter to "MARK" and click "Refresh". Double-click on MARKMTLX to load that. Close the [Load >>] section.
Select the MARKMTLX texture (will be last in the display since we loaded it last). Click on the "Paint Mode" (or "Paint Face" in full registered version), then click the top face of the ground-box to paint it.
Now select the other texture we just loaded (C8BR100) and apply that in the same way to the sides of the groundbox (you will need to move around it to do this, of course).

Move your view downward to go below the terrain (Z key) and use PgUp so that you face upwards and can see the bottom of the groundbox. Click to paint that. This may seem pointless, because you'll never see the bottom, but it is necessary for the underside of bridges etc....

40 Build a wall. We dont really need the wireframe view now, so click the "Wireframe" button again to get back to normal. The wall will be made by adding copies of the groundbox we just created.
Right click on any face of the groundbox and select "Copy Box" from the popup menu. Move the cursor so the square next to the groundbox is outlined, then right-click and select "Paste Box" from the popup menu. Paste again as many times as you want to build a wall.

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