Lesson E - Track Components.

27 Backdrop. Click the "Track Components" button and click the [...] button for the Backdrop item. Select Ee4drop.bin and click Open.

28 Sound theme. This determines the noise made when you pass a checkpoint and other ambient sounds. You can select from any of the themes for the stock tracks.

29 Music. If you have the full (registered) version of Traxx you can click the [#] button to select from one of the stock music tracks. Or you can load up a custom WAV file using the [...] button. Make sure the WAV file is as small as possible, else your POD file will be very large and it wont zip (compress) very well so it will be slow to download off the internet. Large WAV files may also slow down the game. Convert the WAV file down to 8-bit, 22Khz, mono format if necessary.

30 Icon and Browse bitmaps. Registered users can set these by pasting or loading a 256-color (8-bit) bitmap image of the appropriate size (32x24 and 257x210 respectively).

31 Save and test the track. Click OK, then save your track. Write the POD file again (overwrite the last version one you made then you dont need to mount it again - just write the pod and race!).

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