Lesson A - Getting started.

You may have already taken these steps.

1 Start Traxx. You should see a mostly black display with a purple area at the bottom of the display.

2 Load the standard track "Crazy 98". Use File/ViewPODFile from the main menu and browse for file "crazy98.pod" in your MTM2 install folder (usually C:\ProgramFiles\MSGames\MonsterTruckMadness2 unless you specified otherwise when installing the game). You should then get a progress box saying "Loading POD...", and when its done the purple area should change to show grass.

3 Extract the data from this track. For this example we will use same road surface, grass etc from the Crazy 98 track. Go to Edit/ExtractModelsAndArt in the main menu. Say "Yes" to the question, then there will be a delay for a few seconds while the files are extracted.

4 Start your new track. Click the "New" button (first one in the main toolbar), or File/New from the main menu, and we are back to purple. Firstly, name the track - click the "Track Components" button (third in toolbar, with the bolt), or Edit/TrackComponents form the main menu, and enter "My First Track" or something like that in the "Track Name" box. Click OK.

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