Dusk to day backdrop
Comps stick to checkpoints
Rubber water
Bermuda triangle
Something Went Really Wrong
Anay Unexpecteday Erroray
Track Flooding
Pyschedelic Trucks
Funky Sky
Frozen in ice
Transparent Tires
Wheels in the bed of the truck

Dusk to day backdrop - during game play (Reported by Bad311)
Solution : Excessive lag triggers this weird event. One way you can get this to happen in any track, is to load a bunch of laggy computer opponent trucks (i.e., DBK's Rocket, Heavy Artilary, etc.), and crash into them right at the start of the game. This will create real bad lag, thus triggering the event (go try it in Farm Road). Keep in mind, ANY lag will trigger this event, so it doesn't matter what causes it. You can race a laggy track all by yourself, and it might go off because of the lag in the track itself. My track has just a little bit of lag, and this happens. It's so irritating. Just one of those weird things about MTM2. (Answer by Cman). This can also happen in areas with high model density as well as many many ground boxes.

Comps stick to checkpoints - during game play.
Solution : This happens when the course crosses the edge of the terrain (as in a straight-a-way track). Nothing for it except don't cross the terrain (or live with it).

Rubber water - during game play (Reported by Malibu350)
Solution : ?? Maybe graphic drivers.

Bermuda triangle - during game play (Reported by Malibu350)
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Solution : ?? Maybe related to course segments.

Something Went Really Wrong - occurs while starting a game, etc.
Solution : This is just a common error. It is not really anything special. In this case, you're using a truck with more than 999 verticies. The solution would be to turn off truck reflections in graphic options. The reason for the funny message is that you have the MTM2-fun.loc file indicated in the monster.ini file. For more conventional messages, restore the MTM2.loc setting.

Anay Unexpecteday Erroray - occurs during a race, etc.
Picture by Malibu350
Solution : Same as the "Something Went Really Wrong" message. In this case, the problem is too many trucks driving near too many ground boxes. The reason for the funny message is that you have the MTM2-pig.loc file indicated in the monster.ini file. For more conventional messages, restore the MTM2.loc setting.

Track Flooding - occurs during a race (reported by jelz).
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Solution : In an addon track I would suggest somebody hasn't set the extended courses properly. When the extended courses are set, then this will go away. In a stock track, then there is a bad truck mounted. King Dave explains: "The vehicle being driven has a high vertice/face count, the MTM2 engine seems to have a hard time with a few of the vehicles made in 3D programs. This is the reason that a part of the community frowns on the Mesh modelers, the high detail of the vehicles carries a steep system requirement as well as a few bugs once in a while. In all my days of playing MTM2 I encountered this strange phenomenon only 4 times. Twice with the Beetle, so it doesn't happen too often. Hope that sheds some light on it." Driven_out adds, "I encounter this problem when I have unused verticies on my body model. I found that out when i had unused verticies on my limo..." Try running the track with stock truck opponents, then add the extra trucks one by one until you find the trouble maker.

Pyschedelic Trucks - during game play (Reported by Bosshogrox)
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Solution : Probably graphic drivers. And look out for ATI graphics cards.

Funky Sky - during game play (Reported by Alpine)
Solution : Caused by on board graphics card [Intel(R) 810 Chipset Graphics Driver (DC133FSB133) PV 2.1] Turn off reflections until you can get a new graphics card.

Frozen in Ice - during game play (Reported by Malibu350)
Solution : Do not race underwater tracks in snow. If you're a track maker, perhaps you should use the weather mask to eliminate icy weather conditions for your underwater track.

Transparent Tires - during game play (Reported by Malibu350)
Solution : ???

Wheels in the bed of the truck - when selecting a truck
Solution : ???