Painting Trucks in PSP 7

A Tutorial by Cale Putnam

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          Maybe I'm biased, but to me the paintjob of a truck has always been as important, if not more important, than the modeling.   That's not to take away any credit from the modelers... what they do is tremendously important and critical to the look of a truck, but texture work has always been the backbone of MTM 2 truck making.   This has much to do with the stock MTM2 trucks and early customs not having actual framework, so the paint was always the first concern.   As a result, my work always starts at the paint and I am quite proud of the texture work I have done.

          What follows is a collection of tricks, tips, and basic knowledge I find necessary for creating the paintwork I do.   I have decided to make this a pure tutorial, as it will allow me to show how I use tools better than descriptions and explanations ever could.   This tutorial uses Paint Shop Pro 7 as a basis, most (if not all) of it should apply to PSP 8 and 9, although I have not played with those yet.   Hopefully, you will find this helpful and useful in creating your own monster machines.

          One last thing, this tutorial assumes you know the basics of MTM 2 truck editing, that is extracting, podding, .TRK files and all that.   If not, I suggest you view the C-POD tutorial at the MTMG, it's a great starting point for learning how to make MTM 2 trucks.

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