Meet some friends of mine.

Need A Good Laugh?

Clawfford's Game Room - "Great guy, and an excellent truck and track maker, beautiful site too. Check it Out!" "

Dennis Taft's Monster Photo Album - "Biggest and Best site for reference pictures of all REAL Monster Trucks!"

Drive2Survive's MTM2 Custom Workshop - "Excellent truck maker and one of the best places to read up on how to make trucks!"

Eddie's Emporium - "Most of you know him as Bigfoot, but a great guy and a good friend of mine that made a site of his own, check it out!"

Haggy's Website - "Some of the most innovative Customs out there. Check it out!"

Jam n Jim's Truckstop - "One of my biggest inspirations to learn to make my own trucks, He's not around much these days, but his great site still remains."

KC's MTM2 Site - "The only place to download, upload, and talk about anything MTM!"

Legwon's Scrap Yard - "Wanna build a truck of your own? Need parts? Go Here!"

Main MTM Message Board - "Where the older fellers go to shoot the wind, swing on by."

Malibu350's Garage - "One of my favorite track makers. He still believes in making REAL Race Tracks!"

METH's MTM2 Garage - "My good buddy Meth's site, where you can get his Replicas, Customs, Utilities, for the game, check it out!"

Monster Truck Madness Guild - "Excellent place for all the MTM Utilities you need, add-on tracks, and an excellent Forum. They taught me everything I know!"

MW Gaming - "The best place to get the best Replicas ever made for this game. This place is huge!"

Red Dragon Truck Shop - "RDT Dave's Place, great replicas, and customs. Check it out!"

RIP Racing - "Racers In Power, Some of the most dreaded racers on the Zone, and definately one of the best looking sites on the web."

Team SLO - "The Sore Losers Organization, great bunch of guys. They actually still RACE, on RACE tracks! Can you believe it? I wouldn't want it any other way."

Team Titanium - "Great bunch of guys and girls, excellent rumblers too."

Twisted Metal's MTM2 Racing Creations - "One of my favorite Custom truck builders and a great inspiration when I started!"

Twisted Metal's Scrap Yard - "My favorite place to rummage around on the weekends!"

ZO_BigDogge's Boneyard - "Truely the best in a Custom truck builder there has ever been. Some strange stuff there...Beware!"

Zoon's MTM2 Site - "One of the true legends in track making. He's got some of the best this game has ever seen!"

The Dallas Cowboys - "The Greatest Football Team On The Planet!"

KISS Online - "The Greatest Rock & Roll Band Ever!"