I guess this is my best work. Based on the Valparaíso circuit that I made 2 years ago. Building Textures by Enocell/TeamDeath and some by me. Trees from Spring Fever track. (That trees gives a really nice look to the track :-) Excellent to race on. The updated version (1.2) make this track available for RnR racing. This is not exactly Valparaíso, it just an idea.. Version 1.2 has more "blockers shortcuts" (for RnR). Cope and Mal liked this one.

Valparaíso Racing (Circuit)
Fast lap :  00:36.63 by SLO_Fila
Garage Settings : 1300 s/s
Uploaded 2007-08-11(v1.0) - 2007-08-24 (v1.2)
Size 818Kb(v1.0) - 895Kb(v1.2) ZIP file

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Rio Bio Bio
Well, this is my first uploaded track, not my first track. In fact, this is, like, my 20th track. I can't remember the textures' name, but I'm pretty sure that they were made by Malibu350. (EDIT : Rock Ridge textures, that's it.) And that means they weren't ripped from another track. (It's a miracle, folks!) hehe.  Back in those days, using the MDMRE's Bin replacer, Paint Shop Pro 3 & Traxx 1.4 downloaded from the Malibu350's T-N-T, downloading trucks from the Beek's trucklot and downloading tracks from the MTMG track list. A weird track, difficult to race on but it's always fun to try. "Rio" means "river" FYI. 7 on the suck meter. Version 2

Test your limits! - Rio Bio Bio (Circuit)
Fast lap : 1:22.77 by SLO_COPE
Garage Settings : 1000 m/s
Uploaded 2003-10-11
Size 292Kb ZIP file

Bigvalout City
My first uploaded city-track. This is my 4th city, not my first as you may think... The first one was named Pernake City (yeah, like Enocell's masterpiece, Perkane City) I think I still have the TXX file, The second was Pernake City 2, Another extremely rare track. I lost the TXX and the POD file of that track but I still have an image of that track (in my mind lol). There was a picture of me in that track! Plus a graveyard and a junkyard heh. The third was Sidewinder City (Yeah, just like the microsoft's joysticks) Very cool city. I still have the POD file. Someday I'll release it (so you guys can laught...) Well, this city is a weird combination of Perkane city/City Attack textures/models and some Fly! buildings (thanks to Phin for that) This track has 3 differents versions. The original Pod-zipped, A non pod-zipped version (the "fixed" version, but there isn't really big fixes) and one with a extra village, "The beach". Oh well. Bigvalout means : "Big Valparaíso Outdoors" Cool huh?

Bigvalout City, The Original (Rally)
Fast lap : 2:34.04 by SLO_COPE
Garage Settings : 1300 m/s
Uploaded 2003-10-16
Size 2059Kb ZIP file

My Little Beach Track
LOL What a stupid name. I took it from a commercial of "My Little Pony" (i'm not kidding) I made this track in one day! Isn't that cool? Hm.. No is not. Mat-Allum liked this one. Textures from Laguna Seca CPR track. Palm Trees from Banana Boat track. That's all. 8 on the suck meter.

My Little Beach Track (Circuit/Arena)
Fast lap : 00:33.42 by SLO_SCATTER
Garage Settings : 600 m/s
Uploaded 2003-12-09
Size 512Kb ZIP file

My second uploaded city-track. Thanks to Mat-Allum (Tarres) for the cool textures. This track gets a little difficult to race on. There's a Skatepark on the downtown and yeah, the same Fly! buildings. La Placilla is actually a village, not a city. A very ugly village from the suburbs of Valparaíso. I just liked the name cuz there's no translation for that, "La Placilla", Maybe "The Placilla" could be a good translation. There's two versions of this track. The original, you can find it on mtm2.com and the other with minor fixes that never got released. Like a Month of hard work, fighting with Traxx. This track still very difficult to race on, but you can have lots of fun if you do some CnR or RnR racing... maybe. I won't race on it anyway lol.

La Placilla (Rally)
Fast lap : 2:03.83 by SLO_COPE
Garage Settings : 1500 m/s
Uploaded 2004-03-29
Size 1762Kb ZIP file

La Placilla City
Based on the city where I live, this is, like, my first track that is cool to race on. Short (VERY short) and neat. Trees from Spring Fever track. Roads/Buildings texures by Enocell. Some buildings textures are made by me. The Checkpoint model is a repaint of ??? made by me. This track may work fine in 4x4 Evo. 5 on the suck meter.

Valparaíso (Circuit)
Fast lap : 00:26.53 by SLO_COPE
Garage Settings : 1100 s/s
Uploaded 2004-09-13
Size 881Kb ZIP file

Rute 756 Jam
A Jam? Yeah! By "jam" I mean a car jam, not a monster jam, this race is not a drag (thank god). Pretty cool track.Took me about 2 days to finish this track. Happy Crushin! 8 on the suck meter.

Rute 756 Jam (Circuit)
Fast lap :  1:13.56 by SLO_COPE
Garage Settings : 2000 m/s
Uploaded 2004-09-13
Size 2004-09-13 Kb ZIP file

Monstruck City
The nightmare of a racer : this track. This track has 3 versions. One huge city that even got a snow-city, a port-town and more stuff. Never got released cuz i forgot the groundbox limit!. The other is the "utra-laggy" version that you can still find in mtm2.com, since Phineus is still too lazy to remove it. There's other version, without Bigfoot5 and all those many-vertex models to make the track run faster that was uploaded on 2008, it's tagged as circuit but is a rally.. Still a very good-loking track. " Monstruck means Monster Truck, if ya didn't notice, then, the track should be named "Monster Truck City" but that's kinda lame.

Monstruck City (Rally)
Fast lap :  4:01.75 by SLO_COPE
Garage Settings : 1600 m/s
Uploaded 2004-09-13 (original)  2008-05-20 (fixed)
Size 8643Kb (original) 8414k (fixed) ZIP file

I think this is my coolest rally city-track ever. It has Grand Theft Auto (GTA) textures converted by me and road textures from Alphaville by Phineus. (used under license, thanks Phin!) Grand Theft Auto textures, Enocell models, BananaBoat track trees. First version has a lame blink 182 song on it. Second version has no song but some extra textures and cool stuff. And again, seems like Phin forgot to delete the older version.

Radio City (Rally)
Fast lap : 4:41.01 by SLO_COPE (b182 version)
Garage Settings : 1800 s/s (b182 version)
Uploaded 2005-05-13 (b182 version)  2008-05-20
Size 5713Kb (b182 version) 8414kb ZIP file

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Radio City
Valparaíso Racing
My Little Beach Track '07
A a pretty hardcore track, but fun to race on. No speed, just acceleration. So my "suggested settings" are 600 m/s. It may conflict with the original track (my little beach track) if they get podded together. All the textures/models are from the original 2003's track. 4 on the suck meter.

My Little Beach Track (Circuit)
Fast lap : 00:38.96 by SLO_COPE
Garage Settings : 600 m/s
Uploaded 2007-08-18
Size 418Kb ZIP file

An example of Fury³ Models and textures on MTM2. Just that. Lame and boring. Models and Textures converted by me from Fury³ (Terminal Reality game) Egypt level. 8 on the suck meter.

Rage³ (Circuit)
Uploaded 2008-05-20
Size 597k ZIP file

Made in 2007, I found this track in some old backups.
This track wasn't intended to be released, but what the hell. I decided to fix some minor AI problems and upload it on MTM2.com. My intention was to make a CART precision racing-like track. All models from CPR. Textures from C98 (The same used in CPR) Yomega and Phin liked this one.

Monster Precision Racing (Circuit)
Fast lap : 1:08.93 by Phineus
Garage settings : 1400 m s
Uploaded 2008-05-13
Size 1140k ZIP file

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Monster Precision Racing
Can you handle the pain?

Tortuous hardcore MTM1 track. Totally compatible with MTM2. Track originally made on early 2007. I lost the POD file of Torture Track 1 so forget about that one :( Textures and Models are all from MTM1. Have fun!

Torture Track 2 (Circuit)
Fast lap : 1:31.36 by Phineus
Garage settings ; 1100 m s
Uploaded  2008-05-20
Size 579k ZIP file

Torture Track 2
Circuits/Rallies - Rumbles
The original concept was made by monster_mora, after he sent me this video.
A slide show of the Bolivian "Death Road". Deah road seems to be a more apropiate name, isn't it? Hehe anyway. Hardcore track. Drive carefully, really really carefully, if you fall out of the road dont even try to go back by your own, just call the heli.

Deathway (Rally)
Fast lap : 1:38.01 by Phineus
Garage Settings : 1500 m/s
Uploaded 2008-08-23
Size 611Kb ZIP file

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Route 77
Mora and I had made some south american bus-replicas.. and we needed a realistic track in which we could take screenshot for out buses. Well, here's the result. The first track designed for bus racing. Huge & realistic track.

Route 77 (Rally)
Garage Settings : 1700 s/s
Uploaded 2009-07-30
Size 1886kb ZIP file

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Slayer's Rooftop Nightmare
Slayer gave me the idea of making a track in which you have to jump of the roof of every building in the city... taking some inspiration from a Carmageddon II mission. It doesn't look like the Carma2 city nor the mission but... it is as difficult as this track. It takes some time to learn where to land and where to go.

Slayer's Rooftop Nightmare (Circuit)
Garage Settings : 900 s/s
Uploaded 2009-08-02
Size 677kb ZIP file

Torture Track 3
So I thought you guys needed a more hardcore track to race on... Oh yes! someone had to bring back all the cruelty of MTM1, the crushable cars, the insane ramps, logs on theroad, falling signs, annoying collisionable trees... I'm bored of all the straight-awayracing.. “let's bring back all the narrow turns and big bumps!” I made this one for SP tourneys as the "mystery track".

Torture Track 3 (Circuit)
Fast lap : 2:40.32 by SLO_Scatter
Garage settings :  1500 m s
Uploaded  2009-05-09
Size 556k ZIP file

Valparaíso at Night
This track is based (it's based on that track, but it's not the same!) on the original Valparaíso Racing (v1.2), track that I made in 2007. Everything from Valpo racing was repainted by me, to make it look like "at night", execept the lightpoles, the checkpoint dir signs, the cones and the port cranes.The idea came when I was talking to Phin about Alphaville and the way it handles the darker textures, without being really "at night" (without using the "night" weather)

Valparaíso at Night (Circuit)
Fast lap : 0:54.83 by SLO_Fila
Garage settings : 1500 m s
Uploaded  2008-07-27
Size 895k ZIP file