FCW Rumble
Based on TTR Rumble by Slayer. Beta-tested by slayer, and the whole FCW clan I guess. Funny thing, after a lot of practising I couldn't make it to the day of the rumble and the team participation was disastrous. Hehe. Anyway the final version is available on Thanks to Trevor for betatesting. Dedicated to Guitar Bill, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him and his amazing efforts to make MTM2 the best game ever made. Slayer liked this one.

FCW Rumble (Rumble)
Beta release 2007-08-18
Uploaded 2008-01-11
Size 467Kb ZIP file

MTM2 Wrestling Federation
I'm a fanatic of the WWE, So, that's it. I know, the Ramps totally suck, I know. But that's not a impediment to rumble! All the textures/models are made by me except the BPEOPLE models (from MTMG/, and 14MT2B.raw (cement), DT4POL5.raw (cement), AJSTEPS.RAW, METALBOX.RAW and ZRDTEX.RAW (cement).

MTM2 Wrestling Federation (Rumble)
Garage settings : 600 ss
Uploaded 2007-08-29
Size 551k ZIP file

Kmaster's Rumble
Cool name isn't it? What more. A City rumble. My Rumble. You may also want to check Rooftop rumble by Slayer and BLS CNR/Rumble by ONaN pretty cool city rumbles too. Models from Fly! by TRI, downloaded from MTMG, road Textures from Alphaville track by Phineus, buildings Textures by Enocell & me. Beta testers OLD_Jammer, MOD_BC, ONaN, OLD_FenderBender and OLD_Moto. Jammer liked this one.

Kmaster's Rumble final version (Rumble)
Garage settings : 700 ss
Uploaded 2008-05-20
Size 6159k ZIP file

Huge rumble, with the giant DRI skankin logo, haha pretty cool. I wanted to put some DRI as background music (the "Thrashard" song) but after reading the lyrics... I don't think phin would allow that one heh (actually, he would, as you can see on DRI rumble, hehe)

By the way, Thrash Zone is an album by D.R.I (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) a Hardcore punk/Thrash Metal band (Crossover thrash). I was listening to that album during the making of the track, that's why heh. BC liked this one.

Garage settings : 800 ss
Uploaded 2008-07-29
Size 253k ZIP file

Review - Download
Hypercube Rumble [Lag proof]
This rumble won't really protect you from lag but it will get rid of those annoying mega lag shots that take you out of the rumble far away from the mountains. Also you won't lose points if you get bumped while in the air.. hehe, well it's a modified summit zone, so you won't lose or make any points while in the air.

Hypercube Rumble [Lag proof] (Rumble)
Garage settings : 600 ss
Uploaded 2008-07-28
Size 434k ZIP file

D.R.I. Rumble
So phin gave me the "task" to create a new rumble for sunday rumble tournament (08/03) using stock stuff only (sort of) and that's how the idea came. The name was Phin idea, since I wanted a rumble with DRI music on it. And that's all I think. The song is Thrashard by DRI. Most of the stuff is from hypercube rumble by TRI, except some logos and dri stuff. That's all. Enjoy another fine creation of mine. Betatested by Phineus. Have fun dammit! ;)

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Rumble (Rumble)
Garage settings : 600 ss
Uploaded 2008-08-01
Size 2314k ZIP file

MTM2 Wrestling Federation 2008
The original rumble (MWF) was plagiarised tons of times, and i'm not kidding lol. Here's another version of the great and original MWF track. Get your own ideas, slackers!

MTM2 Wrestling Federation 2008 (Rumble)
Garage settings : 600 ss
Uploaded 2008-08-04
Size 640k ZIP file

MTM2 Wrestling Federation Outdoor Pack
Another great MWF series rumbles. 2 rumbles: MWF outdors and the insane MWF ladder match. By a mistake, the track has the "thrashard song", hehe sorry for that ;) Jammer liked the outdoors one, and hated the ladder one. hehe

MTM2 Wrestling Federation Outdoor pack (Rumble)
Garage settings : 700 ss
Uploaded  2008-08-04
Size 4433k ZIP file

Breezer's Bayou (MTM2)
I made this track in a couple of hours, after having some beers so don't expect something fancy. I made this track just because the original version is hella fun. Of course, this is not an "exact" replica of the original, I added more trees and more water, and I used a different (but similar) texture set and models (from Construction Zone).

Breezer's Bayou (rumble)
Garage settings : 700 ms
Uploaded  2009-04-13
Size 517k ZIP file

MTM2 Wrestling Federation MWF LagMania 2009
This track is based on WWF RAW stage and titantron, circa 1998. LagMania is a reference from WrestleMania, the most important PPV of the WWE. The MWF Logo is based on the WWF logo in 1995-1997.
It's my first time creating models with more than 1 face, lol. Yes, I used Google SketchUp to make most of the models you see here. The others were made using TxBin.

MTM2 Wrestling Federation LagMania 2009 (Rumble)
Garage settings : 600 ss
Uploaded   2009-06-29
Size 2055k ZIP file

This track is based on the WWF/E RAW IS WAR stage and titantron, circa 1999. LAG IS WAR is a reference of RAW IS WAR... I guess some prowrestling fans already knew that. The MWF Logo is based on the WWE (WWF) logo in 1998-2002. Everything from this rumble was custom made, most of the models were made by me. I had help from Phin in some models.

MTM2 Wrestling Federation LAG IS WAR (Rumble)
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Size 3771kk ZIP file

MTM2 Wrestling Federation LAG IS WAR

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