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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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21 tracks from the year 2013
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
MTWS 2013 Baltimore Tim HornArena
Power Station[fixed] OLD_NICKatNITERumble
Testarossa - Beta 2 CaleBeta
Monster Jam TR?CKS VariousPack
MTWS 2013 Las Vegas Tim HornArena
Moto GP 3 Music Pack RhitosparshMusic Addon
Arizona Dreaming OSLO_FilaRally
1800 ms
crazy98\13 danielCircuit
MTWS London 2013 Tim HornDrag
World Finals 2012 custom Freestyle ChadDrag
World Finals 2012 custom racing ChadDrag
Jacksonville 2012 Custom ChadDrag
Tampa 2012 Custom Monster Jam ChadDrag
Miami Monster Jam 2012 Custom ChadDrag
Detroit Monster Jam Custom 2012 ChadDrag
Pheonix 2012 Monster Jam Custon ChadDrag
Houston 2012 Monster Jam Custom ChadDrag
Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium 2012 Monster Jam Custom ChadDrag
2012 MTWS Championship Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2012 Anaheim Tim HornDrag

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