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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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54 tracks from the year 2011
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
MTWS 2011 Jacksonville Tim HornDrag
Paul brown stadium custom ChadDrag
St Louis 2011 custom ChadDrag
Lima Special Events ChadDrag
MTWS 2011 Cincinnati Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Indianapolis Tim HornDrag
Dallas Monster Jam ChadDrag
Minneapolis Monster Jam Custom 2011 ChadDrag
MTWS 2011 Seattle Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Tampa Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 San Diego Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 St. Louis Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 New York Tim HornDrag
B-Day World Finals 3 *FIXED* Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Las Vegas Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Toronto Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Minneapolis Tim HornDrag
Diablo Gulch OPM CustomsCircuit
[fixed] Pepsi 500 ONKAc_DuuksCircuit
MTWS 2011 Miami Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Foxborough Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Houston Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Atlanta Tim HornDrag
MTWS 2011 Detroit Tim HornDrag
Monster Jam UK 2011 ChadDrag
Louisville Motoer Speedway 2011 Custom ChadDrag
Recon Ridge ReconNinja117Rally
MTWS 2011 Orlando Tim HornDrag
Arnhem Custom Tracks ChadDrag
MTWS 2011 Test Run Tim HornFreestyle
Plymouth Meeting, PA 2011 BigfootFanFreestyle
Rubberburner Raceway (beta) boganloganCircuit
Big Dome Monster Jam ChadDrag
Up & Down Town Beta KmasterBeta
Charleston WV MJ 2011 ChadDrag
Riverside Canyon 123Circuit
Stacker ZR1cc_ChaosRumble
Crazy MX ZR1cc_ChaosSX / MX
ZR1XHeat ZR1cc_ChaosRumble
ZR1 MX ZR1cc_ChaosCircuit
ZR1 Sk8 ZR1cc_ChaosCircuit
1900 ms
World Finals 12 (Custom) Tim HornDrag
20 Banner Checkpoints oNaNTraxx School
Gage Park Run 2011 KmasterCircuit
2000 ss
Sherwood Nationals Beta 4 anarchyxf36Beta
Enocell City 2 KmasterCNR
2010 MTWS Championship Tim HornDrag
Duality OWintCircuit
1500 ms
Jasper Ridge, Trailblazer & Cuboids OWintPack
winterstyle monster jam Oreo16Freestyle
crazy circuit Oreo16Circuit
fun freestyle Oreo16Freestyle
Vampire Wars ZyngaRumble

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