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2.1 Drags are meant for Community Patch Beta 0.43 and newer. They do not work with the original game version. Please check out the forum for more info.

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232 tracks from the year 2008
Track Maker Type/Revue Lap Time Driver Sets
Thunder On The Beach 2008 BigfootFanDrag
New Years Demolition trainboy911Drag
SPHRA Thunder Jam - Moline, IL (FINAL) KouvreArena
St. Louis, MO 1999 DiggerFanDrag
MLMTC At Englishtown NJ (Fixed) Mike™Drag
MLMTC At New Jersey Mike™Circuit
2008 SPHRA Thunder Jam - Pontiac, MI KouvreDrag
2008 SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Fort Wayne kpayne89Drag
SPHRA @ Free Country Arena 09 DaveTheSmasherDrag
MTORR WORLD FINALS trainboy911Drag
SPHRA Orlando Thunder Jam 2008 RobbyH14 and BuddyRoDrag
2008 Thunder Jam Reunion Arena runt9Drag
MLMTC At Virginia Mike™Circuit
2008 SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Muncie Civic Center kpayne89Drag
Reverting Drag Race - Open BETA Test Corpse RazerBeta
Chattanooga Thunder Nationals 08 DaveTheSmasherDrag
Monster Speedway '07 PM CustomsCircuit
Jaxmonsterjam (6in2) ChadDrag
MTORR Mud Course trainboy911Drag
Hazzard County Nascarfan15Rally
MTORR Sand Course trainboy911Drag
EDGE Motorsports PG 2008 JerOutlawDrag
DCSES: Fall Madness 2008 DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Turkey Day Bash Graveyard314Drag
2008 Summit Speedway TlathamXmahtalTDrag
Keep On Truckin' TlathamXmahtalTCircuit
1600 ms
Guitar Hero EVE trainboy911Drag
Clover (alpha) CaleBeta
st louis monster jam freestyle ChadDrag
st louis monster jam ChadDrag
Centenial Park ETMN JamesHendrixDrag
relianthouston ChadDrag
Hellsgate Raceway nascarfan15Circuit
1500 ms
MTORR Grass Course trainboy911Drag
Thunder Stadium 1990 PM CustomsDrag
Sacramento MTC MattInTheHat56Drag
MLMTC @ Pepsi Speedway RMS_Titanic & RKMDrag
TNT Charleston, WV Civic Center (Fake) TlathamXmahtalTDrag
DCSES: Halloween Havoc 2008 ODaveTheSmasherDrag
MTORR Concrete Course trainboy911Drag
2005 Special Events @ RCA Dome (fix'd) ChadDrag
SPHRA Fright Night 2008 Thunder Chicken w/ GraveYardDrag
XMTN Nightmare Before Christmas ORMSTitanicDrag
MTORR Snow Course trainboy911Drag
Orlando8 Online ChadDrag
Orlando8 (4in1) ChadDrag
Live Nation Shop Fixed Mike™Circuit
2008 Wisconsin Dells fairgrounds MJ [F] 08GDQualPicFreestyle
MTORR Gravel Course trainboy911Drag
AMP Thunder Slam: Jonesboro, AK ODaveTheSmasherDrag
MTORR Dirt Course (FIX) trainboy911Drag
Wisconsin Dell Fairground - Racing 08GDQualPicDrag
Atlanta Monster Jam (3in1) ChadDrag
Atlanta Monster Jam (3in3) ChadDrag
MTM3 Rumble Demolition ManRumble
Marque and Reprisal Adam WestRumble
MTC Nashville (2in1) MadMudNutDrag
IMTRL @ UVA 2008 (2in1) MadMudNutDrag
MTC Hampton VA (3in1) MadMudNutDrag
Monsters on Mainstreet 2008 (Fixed) KingKrunch & DestroyerfanDrag
Oval Arena (fixed?) nome66Arena
Texas Day of Thrills (6in1) trainboy911Drag
UPS Field 08GDQualPicDrag
Rumble at the Railyard OBF_Power_WheelsRumble
Red Bull Arenala Amtr 2008 08GDQualPicDrag
MODHILL OBigCheeseRumble
Phin Pack 1 (9in1) PhineusPack
Phin Pack 2 (9in1) PhineusPack
2008 SHRA Thunder Jam @ Indianapolis, IN kpayne89Drag
2008 TJ Mexico City runt9Drag
2008 4th of July Monster Jam 08GDQualPicDrag
Bakersfield County Fair MattInTheHat56/kingkrunchDrag
John Deere Fair Grounds 2008 08GDQualPicDrag
Deathway OKmasterRally
1500 ms
World Finals 9 *PATCH OWhite2098Drag
ProDRO/PPRL Classic Clash 2008 Kouvre/DaveTheSmasherDrag
IMTRL Anaheim 2008 MadMudNutDrag
SPHRA Monster Wars West Lebanon, NY 2008 Crazyman9Drag
Salinas Sports Complex 2008 OWhite2098Drag
SPHRA Monster Wars Durham, NC 08 Crazyman9Drag
IMTRL VA Beach Monster Energy Mayhem Tour 2008 MadMudNutDrag
Napa Motor Speedway TommyArena
SPHRA @ HMP KingKrunch and JerOutlawDrag
MTM2 Wrestling Federation Outdoors Pack OKmasterRumble
MTM2 Wrestling Federation 2008 KmasterRumble
600 ss
Conroe Motorspeed Way kingkrunchDrag
SPHRA Monster Wars @ Hagerstown, MD graveyardDrag
D.R.I. Rumble OKmasterRumble
Screaming For Vengeance Judas PriestRumble
700 ss
2008 Michagan Speedway Jr SeasockDrag
Oh Oh ! Tony FlaimRumble
700 ms
THRASH ZONE OKmasterRumble
Hypercube Rumble [Lag proof] TRI & KmasterRumble
2008 TJ Texas Motor Speedway runt9Drag
Valparaíso at night OKmasterCircuit
1400 ss
Netherbloom OSadaqatCircuit
Malibu350 & Hotshoe (with D2S at their heels)
1600 ms
SPHRA lake erie speedway monsterman619Drag
I-10 Motor Speedway kingkrunchDrag
SPHRA Monster Wars Syracuse, NY 08 Crazyman9Drag
SPHRA Joliet Thunder Jam 2008 RobbyH14Drag
SPHRA carnage tour @ Gaithersburg, MD graveyardDrag
Madson Heights BF_Power_WheelsCircuit
1300 ms
SPHRA Carnage Tour at Englishtown NJ Scott "Razorbear" BergmanFreestyle
Chevrolet Coliseum PM CustomsDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam Spark Stadium 08 Crazyman9Drag
SPHRA Monster Wars Canfield 2008 RobbyH14Drag
World Finals 9 OWhite2098Drag
800 ds
SPHRA Ramsey, IL Josh "Dig" RhodesDrag
Autodrome Speedway 2008 Thunder Chicken w/ GraveyardDrag
Springer Beach Spectacular KouvreDrag
SPHRA Monster Wars @ Pocono Crazyman9 & DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Bangor DaveTheSmasherDrag
MOD Cottage Grove 2006 comp race (2in1) SCMartyDrag
Brooklyn Fair Replica (5in1) ODaveTheSmasherFree Roam
MTM1 Retro Drag Pack JerOutlawDrag
Thunder on the Beach XIII Crazyman9Drag
Krazy Kube Final RTE_XcalRumble
Raleigh North Carolina 1992 JerOutlawDrag
MJM County Fair MattInTheHat56Drag
Pomona County Fairgrounds TommyDrag
Houston Astrodome 1992 JerOutlawDrag
Pontiac Silverdome 1992 JerOutlawDrag
(Almost) Radford, Va. Motor Speedway Tlatham00Drag
QuadCube - Final Version RTE_XcaLRumble
QuadCube RTE_XcaLRumble
Summerfield Stadium trainboy911Drag
SPHRA: Aiea, Hawaii DaveTheSmasherDrag
Thunder Beach trainboy911Drag
WhatYaMaCallIt Arena (Remake) Tlatham00Drag
2008 Fort Wayne Colisuem kpayne89Drag
Texas Monster Cross trainboy911Drag
Monster Truck Obstical Drag trainboy911Drag
Baytown Stadium 08 S1 trainboy911Drag
Houston Motorsports Park 08 kingkrunchDrag
Monster Truck Drag Proving Grounds trainboy911Drag
Krazy Kube RTE_XcaLRumble
Las Vegas TN trainboy911Drag
Arena 8 track nome66Circuit
2008 Roanoke Civic Center Tlatham00/Trainboy911Drag
Texas J-Hook trainboy911Drag
Texas Jambo trainboy911Drag
Louisville Speedway 1992 JerOutlaw/BowtieBanditDrag
Englishtown, NJ OScott "Razorbear" BergmanDrag
Torture Track 2 Kmastermtm1
1100 ms
Rage³ KmasterCircuit
Kmaster's Rumble Final OKmasterRumble
Monstruck City KmasterRally
Jack Willman Stadium '08 (Racing only) KouvreDrag
RnR @ Blue Ridge ONaNRnR
1700 ms
Monster Precision Racing OKmasterCircuit
1400 ms
STM opener monsterman619Drag
2008 Armageddon Arena Tlatham00Arena
Stadium Crossover Freestyle nome66Freestyle
New Orleans 1991 CAMEL JerOutlawDrag
Virginia Beach, Virginia Track Pack MadMudNutDrag
Stadium Crossover nome66Arena
SpeedChannelArena (4in1) Tlatham00Arena
Radio City OKmasterRally
2008 SPHRA FINALS - RACING Crazyman9Drag
Demo Night 2008 @ Alumni Arena (fixed) Crazyman9Drag
Dodge Motorsports Arena (3in3) Tlatham00Drag
KRUNCH TIME @ Fayette County Fairgrounds*FIXED* Josh RhodesDrag
Area 3512 ORoxxyCircuit
1500 ms
Latham Complex (3in3) Tlatham00Drag
SPHRA 4 City World Finals Car Crush Tour graveyard314Drag
KSR @ Franklin County Fair 2008 ODiggerFanDrag
Astrodome 1991*FIXED* JerOutlaw/Mad Mud NutDrag
PG Mini Course JerOutlawDrag
Stampede Grounds JerOutlawDrag
SPHRA Anarchy Arena Tour @ Providence ODaveTheSmasherDrag
Nameforsale Stadium 2008 (fixed) KouvreDrag
2008 MTGDT 3 Classic World Finals runt9Drag
2008 RCA Dome Final Event (3in1) Okpayne89Drag
2008 RCA Dome Final Event kpayne89Drag
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Edwards Jones Dome ODaveTheSmasherDrag
Indy MJ 2k5 Xtreme_RTMDrag
MLMJ @ Daytona Speedway 08 OJr SeasockDrag
Flemmington,Nj KSR Jr SeasockDrag
Toronto, ON SPHRA Thunder Jam 08 OCrazyman9Drag
St. Paul, MN SPHRA 2008 Crazyman9Drag
KSR @ Flemmington,Nj Jr SeasockDrag
B.A.D. Present-day World Finals 2008 ODiggerFanDrag
USA Motorsports track nome66Drag
SPHRA Rochester 2008 RobbyH14Drag
PPRL World Finals 3 DaveTheSmasherDrag
Camel Tampa 1992 JerOutlawDrag
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 08 Jr SeasockDrag
Nome Arena nome66Freestyle
B.A.D. Classic World Finals 2008 DiggerFanDrag
SPHRA Thunder Jam 2008-Minneapolis RobbyH14Drag
kevin stdium kevinFreestyle
SPHRA Thunder Jam Reliant Stadium Alex Pecorelli (BuddyRo)Drag
2008 SPHRA Thunder Jam Reliant Stadium (Fixed) runt9Drag
SPHRA Anarchy Arena Tour @ Uniondale Jr SeasockDrag
my tourture pit rusty_wrenchCircuit
The Last Race or Small Whiskey (GBE) OSLO_FilaCircuit
1800 ms
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ Gillette Stadium DaveTheSmasherDrag
SPHRA Portland 2008 RobbyH14Drag
Industry Hall 2008 KouvreDrag
Wrestleing Arena 2 rusty_wrenchRumble
SxGoes OLD_MumhraSX / MX
Shawnee Forest (GBE) OFoXxRally
1700 ms
SPHRA Thunder Jam @ BC Place DaveTheSmasherDrag
8-Cube II OONaNRumble
600 ms
the pool rusty_wrenchRumble
the mountian beta rusty_wrenchRumble
TNT Arizona 4 Lane Drag (fixed) Dustin Hart (edited by Kouvre)Drag
the pyramid beta rusty_wrenchBeta
8-Cube ONaNRumble
SPHRA ALBANY, NY Crazyman9Drag
The Speeding Dutchman OWhynniRally
1700 ms
KitimatFairgrounds*FIXED* JerOutlawDrag
Lima, Ohio 1993 JerOutlawDrag
TNT Roanoke VA 1990 (Final Version) MadMudNut (fixed by DiggerFan)Drag
GBV '08 (GBE) OaMluib_035Circuit
1500 ms
2k8 WichitaThunder Nationals ODaveTheSmasherDrag
Biffa's Desert Adventure (GBE) OChris DonaldCircuit
1500 ms
my arena rusty_wrenchRumble
the wrestling arena rusty_wrenchRumble
600 ms
FCW Rumble (GBE) OKmasterRumble
grass/death rumble rusty_wrenchRumble
2008 Race of Champions runt9Drag
F4ur (GBE) OCaleCircuit
1300 ms
SPHRA/Custom Reunion Arena runt9Drag
600 ss
Dead Man's Canyon (GBE) OMat-AllumRally
1600 ms
the desert mtm2_masterRally
Horenbergsdam (GBE) OOLD_MumhraCircuit
1200 ms
1700 ds

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