This program assists in the management and running of almost any kind of game tournament. Originally conceived for on-line Monster Truck Madness tournaments, the program was designed to be applicable to any tournament comprising a number of competitors playing against on-another in a series of games. Points are allocated depending on the result of each game, and the program maintains a running total of each participants score.



A tournament is divided into a series of rounds, which can be configured to automatically include all participants or selected players (based on a number of selection criteria, eg the n players with the highest scores from previous rounds, winners of games in the preceding round etc).
Players can be assigned to games manually, or automatically based on highest scorer plays lowest scorer, random allocation etc.
When a game has been completed, a simple mouse click sets the finishing position for each player, and the point totals are updated automatically. The number of points allocated for each finishing position is completely customisable. Players can be flagged as "Did Not Finish" and assigned zero points for that round, or a game may be aborted with any point total allocated to all players. The program also supports tie games.
The program automatically configures the required number of games in each round - for example, if all 21 players are included in a round with 3 players per game, 7 games will be defined. If the number of competitors is not exactly divisible by the number of players per game, a message box is presented indicating that one game will have a vacant spot(s). A message will also be shown if too many players qualify for a round (eg if there are several with equal scores, and selection is based on score) indicating which of the players need to have a play-off.
The screen always indicates the current game allocations and point standings so you can immediately see who plays who, and who's winning. There are also report output functions which generate tabulated plain-text or HTML to file or clipboard. For example, the final results of the tournament can be written to a ready-to-browse HTML file with just 3 mouse clicks.
In addition to point standings, the player/game allocations can also be output in the same way - which may be particularly useful for internet play.


System Requirements
Windows95 (probably also Win98 and NT, but not tested).
MFC 4.2 DLL's (available below if you need them).
errr... I think thats all. Mouse, 8Mb RAM, 2Mb disc or less, 640x480 display.... but y'all have that, right?

Download TournSetup.exe (105Kb) and run it to install.
Includes sample tournament file.
Tournament is SHAREWARE - please see Help/About.
These are the MFC DLL's if you need them (if you get "A required DLL not found" message).
Unzip these files into C:\Windows\System.

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