Summer 1999
Track & Model Contest

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Finally, a farm can have more than just cows.

Provided By - Vega Zipped Size = 33kb
Files Used = 83kb

Flying V Guitar

Start building your sound stage.

Zipped Size = 8kb
Files Used = 68kb
Provided By - RaRRRR

Pearl Drum Set

No band would be complete without them.  Are those Zildjian or Sabian cymbals?

Provided By - RaRRRR Zipped Size = 16kb
Files Used = 209kb


We're going to have to start thinking about trucks here on the Guild site. 

Zipped Size = 25kb
Files Used = 136kb
Provided By Cobra911

Baddy's 19 Trees

An entire forest of trees in full autumn splendor.

Provided By - Bad311 Zipped Size = 358kb
Files Used = 734kb


Heavy industrial equipment.

Zipped Size= 36kb
Files Used = 116kb
Provided By- Crankshaft

Telephone Poles

A set of six to spruce up your scenery.

Provided By - Crankshaft Zipped Size = 10kb
Files Used = 30kb


Fully customizable billboard.  The caption reads, "Your advertisement here, call 555-5555"

Zipped Size= 4kb
Files Used = 74kb
Provided By- JeepFreak

Large House

Spacious living.

Provided By - Vega Zipped Size = 37kb
Files Used = 208kb

Tire Store

Les Schwab's garage. For all your monster truck tire needs.

Zipped Size= 14kb
Files Used = 86kb
Provided By- JeepFreak

Sound System

Crank it up.

Provided By - Vega Zipped Size = 51kb
Files Used = 149kb


Scary monster

Zipped Size= 26kb
Files Used = 0kb
Provided By - Vega

Provided By - Toxin
Zipped Size = 119kb
Files Used = 268kb

Zipped Size= 58kb
Files Used = 114kb
Provided By - Toxin

Provided By - Toxin
Zipped Size = 96kb
Files Used = 224kb

Zipped Size= 75kb
Files Used = 158kb
Provided By - Toxin

Top Light
Provided By - WAR_DavDemBlues Zipped Size = 50kb

Provided By - Toxin
Zipped Size = 177kb
Files Used = 455kb

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