Winter 1999
Track & Billboard Contest

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We will try to keep the rules simple and to the point.

1. All submissions must be created for this contest and tracks must use the start track that we provide.  This means that models and tracks released prior to contest opening cannot be considered for prizes.  Yes, of course, stock textures are allowed, encouraged, and expected to be used for tracks.  No joint projects for this one.

2. All submissions must be finished.  Please do not submit beta versions of anything.  And, no, we cannot repair or fix your submissions for you.

3. All submissions must be in zipped file format.

4. The zip file must also contain a text file with your mtm/2 nick and e-mail address.  You may also include any additional information that you would like to share.  Please include as much or as little as you want.

5. The Monster Truck Madness Guild was created with an aim to sharing.  We ask you to agree that your submissions can be made available and used by the mtm community for further track and model making.

6. You may submit one track only.

7. You may submit one billboard only.

8. No judge can enter submissions for prize consideration.

9. Contest closes Dec 4, 1999 for billboards; and Dec 18, 1999 at twelve midnight for tracks.  Mtm community voting will commence after that.  Winners will be announced shortly afterward.

10. Have fun.

We reserve the right to amend these rules should the need arise.
(they are guidelines, not carved in stone)