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Dec 25th. 1999 (Merry Christmas)

And now, the Monster Truck Madness Guild is happy, pleased, glad, ecstatic (and many other good sounding superlative descriptive words) and it gives us great pleasure to announce that the Winter 99 Track and Billboard Contest is the one and only contest to have all winners.  That's right, there will be no losers for this contest.  The quality and workmanship that went into the contest submissions was extraordinary.   I mean, it was outstanding!  And, since the entry numbers were comparatively low, we will be able, we can, we have the resources to (in the spirit of the day) reward all contestants with a token of what all fine work deserves.  So, without further ado, here are the winners of the Winter 99 Track and Billboard Contest:

The winner of the Track Contest is:  Z-M-X by ZooN who will get his choice of computer hardware from the prize list.  Runners up prizes (still to be determined) will go to our other three track entries: Adventure Rally by ObeOne, Motherlode by Badger and Super Scrapyard by Viking Wylan.

The winner of the billboard contest is:  the animated mtmg billboard by Winterkill who will (already has) received a four cd set with over 2 gigabytes of mtm tracks, trucks, programs, the mtmg site and a whole lot more.  The runners up are Angus, Bin Masta, Daywalker, JeepFreak, King Dave, Mysterio, Nrrivas, ObeOne, Sleeper, and Tazman, all of whom received an mtmg cd with their choice of additional tracks, trucks or programs.

Lastly, I would like to take an opportunity to say a special thank you to everyone who followed the contest and to everyone who even considered entering.  This contest was full of new ideas and I think it was a successful experiment.  I don't think it's a stretch to say that the biggest winners here are everyone in the mtm community.  Please enjoy the tracks, the billboards, and the rest of the mtmg site.

Dec 19th. 1999

It is now past 6:00am the day after.  We have received four very good tracks for our winter contest, and selecting a prize winner will be a very challenging job.  Obviously, a vote to create a shortlist is hardly necessary, but I have put the vote script in place so you may feel free to let us know how you feel about the track entries.  Please allow us a few days to drive the tracks.  I hope to have descriptions in place and the winner announced by christmas.

Dec 5th. 1999

It is now 1:05pm EST on Sunday December 5th.  All billboards that have been received will be considered for prizes.  The Guild will accept regular models as usual but the prize deadline is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who's submitted work (I will be sending out notes to all of you) and thanks to everyone else who's followed the progress of the contest so far.

First contest update.

I have been asked many questions about the start track, but two stand out more than any other.  1.) Can I do this or that to the track, and 2.) How will you know if somebody cheats by starting with something else.  I can answer these questions together.  Obviously, applying random terrain is not allowed.  Everything else is allowed.  You may even reapply the texture transition if that suits your tastes.  Cheaters?  There's no cheaters in the mtm community, are there?   Good luck, I hope this clarify things. (Nov 23)

Well, it's here: the second MTMG Track and Model Contest.  This time around will be a bit different.  For models, we will be considering billboards only for prize consideration.  Repaints and from scratch are equally acceptable.  For tracks, this will be done in a "tourney" format.  Everyone will run the same track.  This is not a race, it is track making.  You must download the starting, unfinished track below (everything you'll need is in the zip), then you just have to finish it.  You can, and probably should, do texture touch ups, alititude adjustments, add models, the course and whatever else you think it takes to create a good working track.  We hope this contest will be as much fun as the The Summer Contest 1999.     Here's the breakdown of the new winter contest.  Please see the rules and prize pages for the rest of the details.  Good luck, and have fun. (Nov 20)

Phase 1 - The Model Contest (till Dec 4)

Make a billboard.  Submit it.

Phase 2 - The Track Making Tourney (till Dec 18)

Download the track (279k), make your track out of it.  Submit it.


If you have any comments or questions, please send a note here