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All were made with Traxx 1.5 and are in chronological order

This drag style track comes in two versions, with and without working checkpoints.



AFJ download

AFJ Fairgrounds (working checkpoints)(584kb)

Semi tough 3 minute rally with a Comic Of The Week theme.



Mont COTW download

Mont C.O.T.W. (957kb)

Smooth wide fast four minute rally though hills and valeys. 100% custom textures and models.



Big Whiskey download

Big Whiskey  (2261kb)

Tribute track dedicated in thanks and memory to Guitar_Bill, the mastermind of Traxx and many other MTM related enhancements. 100% custom textures and models.



Guitarbillville download

Guitarbillville  (1545kb)

Space themed rumble trilogy

Spaceballs T.R.  (340 kb)
Spaceballs T.A.R. (318kb)
Spaaceballs I.T.E. (1499kb)



Spaceballs Trilogy  (2155kb)


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