Creating Seamless Road Texture Alignments

(Using exsisting road tiles)

Tools needed:
Traxx 1.4
Paint Shop Pro v4.0 or higher


Here we have two road tiles that we need to blend together where they meet. It's important that both tiles already tile seamlessly with themselves when laid out end to end, and also that the borders alongside the roadway tile with the surrounding area, which in this case is grassy.


Step one.

Copy each of the textures from traxx and then paste them into PSP. Next, under colors/increase color depth or the icon, increase the colors on both tiles to 16 million (24 bit).


Step two.

Using the freehand tool with its tool control properties set to to at least a 4 or 5 feathered edge (to prevent any kind of hard visible edge) trace about half the image as done below right, then hit copy (ctrl-C)


Step Three.

Select the left tile then hit ctrl-E to paste in your freehand selection from step two, making sure that it is placed perfectly against the edge as shown below top left. Next hit ctrl-D to deselect once you're happy with the placement.


Step Four.

By using the clone brush you can easily clean up the kink in the new tile by copy (right mouse click) and pasting (left mouse click) one small area to another like I did below left.

Tip, for best results set the clone brushs tool control properties like so, or play around with the settings to find what best suits your needs..


Step Five.

Reduce the color depth of the new texture to 256 colors (8 bit). Menu = colors/decrease color depth, or use the icon. Then copy and paste it into your traxx texture browser and apply to your track.


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