Using BinEdit

by ZOtm_BigDOGGe


1. delete the bed cover

2. delete the simulated-frame bottom section (remember to DELETE UNUSED VERTIX's in the vertix menu before saving it, always!)

3. enclose the bottom/front/back of the cab/driver area with new faces (or creat a full frame with a passenger/driver area)


4. save the body in BinEdit (truckname_body.bin), go to the Faces menu and pick Select All Faces, then go to the Groups menu and pick Flip All Faces In Group. Now, still in the Groups menu, select Map Face Group To Texture. move the mouse pointer to the lower-right corner of the mapping window, press and hold the right button, sweep it to the upper-left corner, and release. This will compress all the vertix's into one red dot in the upper left corner of the window. Now, left click and hold on the red dot, and move it to a portion of the texture that is black, and release. You just repainted the entire inside-out body model black! Now save it as a new name(truckname_insideBody.bin).

To finish, load the inside model into BinEdit first, then select Insert and select your fiberglas body model (truckname_body.bin). now save the new fiberglas body under a new name (truckname_body_assembly.bin) or something of your own choice. This way, you still have the inside-only /outside-only body models for future projects...

***IMPORTANT*** ...Do NOT select Merge Close Vertix's after combining the inside and outside body models, as it can mess up your paint in the game!!!

*optional* ...for true fiberglas bodies

5. make wheel cut-outs instead of painting them on.

6. cut-out the windows and make new window frames (like I did on BLADE, AXE, SWAMP RAT, HAMMER, WIPEOUT, etc...).


How do I make the truck have transparent windows?

1. On my mud boggers, I cut out the windows....

2. On LAST RIDE (my hearse), I used transparent textures on the back windows...load it in BinEdit, select all of the truck faces in the FACES menu, then goto the GROUPS menu, pick SET GROUP FACE TYPE, and set them to Ox33 TRANSPARENT COLOR #0 (MTM2) ...then paint the windows on the raw files black (RGB color 0,0,0)...any fully black areas will be "see-thru", so you can't do it on a black truck, unless you just change the faces around the windows to transparent and leave the rest of the truck set to "shiny surfaces", as I did with my black LAST RIDE. this is how it's done in 4x4 EVO, but it's tricky....sometimes, EVERYTHING on the truck behind the transparent-textured surface becomes invisible.... it takes practice... thats why I cut-out windows now....

I also used transparent textures on the boom on my tow truck, ZO Tow Service, and the rotating parts of TORNADO and SLASHER....


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