4x4 Evolution to MTM2 Truck Conversion Method

by ZOtm_BigDOGGe

1st you need to get ZMODELER, to convert the .SMF models to BIN format., available here... http://www.zmodeler2.com

4x4_EVO trucks come in 2 resolution models...a low-detail model for distant views and a high-detail model for close-ups...the low-detail models have a zero ("0") at the end of the name...


the 1st is the high-detail model and the second example is the low-detail model... both of the same truck.

The RAW/ACT texture files for the model will have the same name as the SMF file.... each truck has only one RAW/ACT texture file. the high-res model uses a 512x512 pixal texture file, and the low-res uses a 256x256 file.

After extracting the model/art/truck files from the POD file with WinPod to a temporary folder, start Zmodeler and IMPORT the .SMF truck model (don't use LOAD).

All the parts of the truck are separate objects, so you have to export them one at a time as individual BIN files to your MTM2/MODELS folder... The body is usually in 3 or 4 parts: BODY, GLASSE (cockpit area), UNDERBODY, and BEDCOVER are common names... combine them in BinEdit later to make a complete body... other parts like rollbars have their own names.

After EXPORTing the parts (do not use SAVE) to your MTM2/MODELS folder, find the RAW texture file for that 4x4_EVO model... the name will be the same as the model.

Load the texture into a paint or graphics program and shrink it down from 512x512 pixals to a 256x256 8-bit (16 color) file (if necessary, convert the RAW file to a BMP file first with FlyRawGui before loading it into a paint program), then after resizing it, convert it back to RAW/ACT file format with the same proggy).

NOTE: If you used the low-res model of the truck, then just copy it's RAW/ACT files into your MTM2/art folder because they are already 256x256 pixal textures.... if you used the high-res model, then you will have to reduce (resize) it's RAW file from 512x512 to 256x256 pixals first.

After converting the RAW to 256x256 pixals and saving it in your MTM2/ART folder under it's original name, you should be able to view the newly exported BIN truck model in BinEdit.


So, in summary....

NOTE: After you get the model to show in BinEdit, select FACE/SELECT ALL FACES, then select GROUPS/SET GROUP FACE TYPE and set it to MTM2 SHINY TEXTURES.. Then, select MODEL/RESIZE, put a check in the KEEP PROPORTIONS box, and reduce the length of the truck to the proper size (EVO trucks are a larger scale) usually making it 2-3 feet shorter is a good guess... load some MTM2 trucks into BinEdit and select RESIZE to see their lengths in FEET as examples for resizing EVO trucks.

Now it is ready for use in a MTM2 truck project!



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