How to Pod Trucks?

Step 1
Download Podman.

Step 2
Unzip podman to your "Monster Truck Madness" folder, typically "C:\Program Files\Monster Truck Madness".

Step 3
Open your Monster Truck Madness folder and right click on podman.exe now while holding the button drag the file to your desktop and it will create a shortcut to the program. Alternately you can right click your desktop and choose new, then select shortcut. You can click browse and browse the program, use the above location for program files if you are unsure.
Step 4
When ever any files, other than those built in are present in the System folder podman will list them down in the lower window. So lets unzip Patriot to the system folder to test. GO ahead and download the file, after its finsihed unzip the file and click "Extract" in winzip. Locate your Monster Truck Madness System folder and click "Extract".
Step 5
Once unzipped we can now launch podman and see if our truck shows up. Locate Patriot in the bottom window, it will be labeled "System/Patriot.pod". Click the name twice and it will go to the top window, now click "Play MTM" and the game will launch.
Step 6
Now in the game select "Patriot" and choose your Race!
Congratulations you can now pod any add-on truck you want!. To remove a truck just repeat step 5 but instead click the name in the top and this will send it back to the bottom.