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Replica Page II

My 1979 Chevy Stepside

Altitude Plus

The AM/PM Boss

The AM/PM Rocket

Awesome Kong II

Bearfoot II

Fred Shafer's Bearfoot

Beast 4X4

New!: 10/18/07
Miss Bigfoot

Bigfoot I

The Original Bigfoot

Bigfoot I

Bigfoot II

Bigfoot III

1985 Bigfoot IV

Bigfoot VI

Bigfoot VIII

Bigfoot IX

1999 Bigfoot XIV

Bigfoot XIV

Bigfoot XII

Bigfoot XIV

Bigfoot Power Wheels

Bigfoot Wildfoot

Bigfoot X-Box

Bigfoot XVII

The Black Stallion

Black Stallion II

Black Stallion II

Blue Thunder

Buffalo Tremor

Carolina Crusher

Carolina Crusher II

Carolina Crusher III

New!: 11/11/07

Coors Brewser II

Cope/Skoal Crusher IV

Crimson Giant


Ecology Eliminator

Equalizer I


Executioner I

Executioner II

New!: 11/08/07
The Fall Guy

Gentle Ben

Gigantic Orange Crush


Alan Tura's Goliath

Grave Digger I

Gravedigger (Real)


Hawaiian Punch

Heartbeat Of America

Tim Tesmer's Hercules

Holman's Beast

The Jersey Outlaw

Jersey Outlaw III

Keystone Krusher

New!: 11/06/07
Jeff Dane's King Kong

King Kong

King Kong II

King Kong III

Krimson Krusher


Lil' Bearfoot

Little Rascal